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Topps is a well-known brand in the trading card industry. The Shorin family established the company in Brooklyn, New York. They initially produced chewing gum but later expanded into trading cards. The brand aimed to provide entertainment and collectible items for people of all ages. The cards often feature sports figures, pop culture icons, and fictional characters.

Meaning and history

Topps Logo history

Topps was founded in 1938, primarily as a chewing gum company that later innovated the trading card market. By the 1950s, Topps had begun inserting baseball cards into packs of gum, marking a pivotal expansion into sports memorabilia. Key dates include 1952, when Topps launched its first annual baseball card set, which became a collector’s staple. Over the decades, Topps has maintained its relevance by adapting to market trends and expanding into digital platforms, introducing apps like TOPPS® BUNT®.

What is Topps?
Topps is a company that produces trading cards and collectibles. It is famous for its sports cards and entertainment-themed series. The brand merges traditional collecting with digital technology, offering both physical cards and mobile applications for collectors.

1938 – 1952

Topps Logo 1938

The Topps logo showcases bold, black lettering against a white backdrop. Each character stands out with its weighty, slightly eroded texture, hinting at a storied heritage. This stark color contrast creates an impression of timelessness and reliability. Despite the simplicity, the font’s rugged edges convey a sense of history and resilience, perhaps echoing the enduring nature of the brand’s collectible cards.

1952 – 1967

Topps Logo 1952

The updated Topps logo maintains its stark black-on-white scheme, yet presents a cleaner, more refined typography. The letters “TOPPS” stand with confidence, uniform in size and sans the previous texture, suggesting a modernized vision. The “O” aligns perfectly with its companions, ensuring balance. A “TM” symbol now perches to the right, signifying the brand’s trademarked status – a declaration of its established presence and ownership in its domain. The overall design embodies a sleek, contemporary feel, reflecting the brand’s evolution while respecting its heritage.

1967 – 1981

Topps Logo 1967

This iteration of the Topps logo takes a playful turn with a distinct, curved “T” that envelops the rest of the letters. It exudes a dynamic and friendly aura. The font is sleek, contemporary, and yet approachable, reflecting a company that values innovation while staying connected to its audience.

1981 – Today

Topps Logo

The logo now boasts a vivid red, replacing the former black. This color shift injects energy and passion into the brand’s image. The encompassing “T” remains, yet its lines are sharper, crisper, symbolizing precision and modernity. The lettering “opps” has shed any softness for angularity, reflecting a bold, forward-moving ethos. This red hue and the refined design herald a new chapter for Topps, one that’s vibrant and assertive.