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Chili’s is a prominent American casual dining restaurant chain known for its Tex-Mex cuisine and Southwestern-inspired dishes. Presently, Chili’s has a vast presence, with numerous outlets spanning across the U.S. and in various global markets. The brand is a subsidiary of Brinker International, which oversees its expansion and management. As Chili’s continues to thrive, it places emphasis on innovative menu offerings while retaining classic favorites, catering to a broad customer base.

Meaning and history

Chilis Logo history

Founded in 1975 by Larry Lavine, Chili’s started as a modest burger shack in Dallas, Texas, with an aim to create a casual, full-service dining experience. The concept was fresh: a blend of American and Mexican cuisines, offering a unique Southwestern twist.

The brand’s swift success caught the attention of Norman E. Brinker, a restaurant industry visionary. In 1983, Brinker International acquired Chili’s, propelling it to new heights. Under Brinker’s stewardship, the company underwent significant expansion, both domestically and internationally.

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Chili’s adapted its menu to keep pace with evolving consumer tastes, adding healthier options, global flavors, and diversifying beyond its Tex-Mex roots. Despite these changes, the brand held onto its core identity and ethos.

Ownership remained consistent as Chili’s stayed under the Brinker International umbrella, benefiting from the parent company’s vast resources and expertise. This stability enabled Chili’s to reinforce its brand presence, even in competitive markets.

Over the years, Chili’s has faced challenges, from changing dining habits to economic downturns. Yet, its adaptability and commitment to quality have ensured its status as a beloved dining destination. Today, with hundreds of locations worldwide, Chili’s continues to serve its iconic dishes while honoring its rich heritage.


Chilis Logo 1975

The inaugural outlet began its operations in a repurposed postal facility on Greenville Avenue, located in Dallas, Texas. Chili’s initial emblem showcased the brand’s moniker in a distinctive and whimsical lowercase typography. This design hinted at a laid-back handwritten touch. Instead of a traditional apostrophe, a miniature chili pepper symbol was cleverly integrated. This choice added a touch of creativity, making it memorable, and perfectly encapsulated the restaurant’s theme and essence. The design aimed to evoke a sense of warmth, fun, and authenticity synonymous with the brand’s identity and its Texan origins. The playfulness in the design illustrated the brand’s approach to offering a relaxed dining atmosphere.

1975 – 1983

Chilis Logo 1975

The initial emblem wasn’t particularly distinctive. It showcased uncomplicated typography with rounded lowercase characters. Notably, the “h” extended past its usual boundaries, seamlessly connecting to the neighboring “i.” Intriguingly, a tiny depiction of a chili pepper creatively took the place of the apostrophe, adding a thematic touch to the design. This choice hinted at the brand’s name and culinary focus, subtly weaving in an element of their core identity into the typography itself. Such a decision showed early signs of the brand’s penchant for playful design while keeping their central theme prominent.

1983 – 2002

Chilis Logo 1983

Upon changing hands to a new proprietor, the dining franchise underwent a branding transformation. The typographic design evolved to exude a more welcoming vibe, eliminating any harsh edges. Letters flowed gracefully with curvilinear lines, notably, the “h” elegantly merged into the “l.” The “s” was nudged closer to the main text, yet the chili pepper emblem maintained its position between the characters. Anchoring the logo, an elliptical design was added at the base, which highlighted the words “Grill & Bar.” These terms were distinctly separated, signifying the dual nature of the establishment’s offerings. The revamped design radiated a fresh and contemporary feel, embracing the brand’s evolution.

2002 – 2011

Chilis Logo 2002

The tagline “Grill & Bar” was eliminated, with spaces between letters becoming more pronounced. The accents over the “i” letters, which took an oval shape, were enlarged. Meanwhile, the chili icon took on a subtle leftward bend. In terms of hues, the familiar union of verdant green and rich red persisted. This revamped design showcased an evolution in the brand’s identity, reflecting a more modern approach while still paying homage to its iconic color roots. The adjustments, although subtle, brought forward a renewed freshness to the emblem, ensuring it remains both recognizable and in line with contemporary design trends.

2011 – Today

Chilis Logo

The revamped emblem came courtesy of the agency Tesser Inc., renowned for their previous endeavors, notably the Del Taco logo creation. The creative team transitioned from using the word “Chili” to a symbolic pepper representation, ingeniously integrating its stalk as the apostrophe’s stand-in. Ultimately, the sole letter left from the original name was the “s.” The green cap of the chili was also phased out. This fresh interpretation resonates more harmoniously with the essence and culinary offerings of the restaurant chain, reflecting its modern appeal while echoing its legacy. The transformation encapsulates the brand’s evolution and its continuous commitment to relevance and innovation.