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Wrigley is a renowned company, primarily known for manufacturing chewing gum. William Wrigley Jr. founded it in the United States. He started with selling soap and baking powder, then ventured into chewing gum as a promotional giveaway. This gum eventually became more popular than his initial products.

Meaning and history

Wrigley Logo history

Wrigley was established in 1891 by William Wrigley Jr. in Chicago. It began as a company selling household goods, but shifted focus when the promotional chewing gums outshone the original products. Notably, in 1915, Wrigley started the practice of sending free gum to every U.S. household listed in telephone directories, boosting its popularity. The company further expanded globally after the World Wars, adapting its flavors and packaging to local tastes. Wrigley merged with Mars Inc. in 2008, becoming part of one of the world’s largest confectionery companies.

What is Wrigley?
Wrigley is a major player in the global confectionery market, best known for its chewing gum brands like Juicy Fruit and Orbit. The company originated in Chicago, founded by an entrepreneur who first used gum as a marketing tool. Today, it operates under the Mars umbrella, continuing its legacy of innovation and widespread popularity.

1891 – 1913

Wrigley Logo 1891

The logo features bold, capitalized letters with a pronounced vintage character. The initials “Wm” are short for William, the founder’s first name. “Wrigley Jr.” indicates the business as a personal venture, suggesting a strong family legacy. “Co.” is an abbreviation for company, underscoring its commercial nature. The typography is straightforward, no-nonsense, reminiscent of early 20th-century business signage. Its monochrome palette adds to its timeless quality.

1913 – 1975

Wrigley Logo 1913

The updated logo radiates in a vivid orange hue, capturing attention instantly. “Wrigley’s” now reads with an added possessive, signaling a personal guarantee of quality. The letters stand tall, uniform, and sans-serif, which convey modernity and accessibility. The boldness of the font speaks to the confidence of the brand in its market. This design strips away any old-fashioned feel, propelling the brand into contemporary times. The logo’s simplicity ensures it is easily recognizable, a critical feature for brand identity.

1975 – 2002

Wrigley Logo 1975

This iteration of the Wrigley’s logo softens the edges, introducing a casual, almost hand-painted quality. The color remains a robust red, a nod to its energetic roots. However, the tone has muted slightly, suggesting a more approachable brand. The variation in stroke width within each letter adds a human touch, contrasting the previous logo’s uniformity. This design choice reflects a brand embracing its heritage while adapting to the informal trends of its time. Each letter seems to stand with a relaxed confidence, mirroring a company comfortable in its industry position.

2002 – 2008

Wrigley Logo 2002

The logo now returns to a crisper, cleaner look, with a precise, digitally-rendered font. The playful, free-flowing vibe of the past has been replaced by a streamlined, modern aesthetic. A dynamic arrow emerges from the “S”, suggesting forward motion and progress. The red is bold and bright, symbolizing energy and passion. It’s a visual leap that speaks to innovation, echoing the brand’s movement towards the future. The typography is now uniform, each letter meticulously shaped for visual harmony and brand consistency.

2008 – Today

Wrigley Logo

The latest logo pivots to a refreshing blue, signaling a cool and minty essence, in line with gum’s freshness. Gone is the assertive arrow, replaced by a straightforward, unembellished typeface. This simplicity hints at transparency and clarity, qualities valued in modern branding. The font’s rounded edges convey friendliness and approachability, a stark shift from the previous logo’s sharpness. This design embodies a blend of the contemporary with a touch of playfulness, reflecting a brand that’s both reliable and vibrant.