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This is a record label and movement started by rapper Nipsey Hussle. He created it in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles. The purpose was to promote independent artists and foster economic empowerment within the community. It reflects a business ethos of reinvesting into one’s own community.

Meaning and history

All Money In was founded by Nipsey Hussle in 2010. This venture not only serves as a music label but also symbolizes a broader socio-economic initiative. Nipsey launched it after parting ways with major record labels to have full control over his music and business ventures. Significant dates include the release of “The Marathon” in 2010, which marked the label’s debut project. Later, the brand expanded, introducing a clothing line and other community projects, embodying Nipsey’s “buy back the block” philosophy. His tragic death in 2019 highlighted his influential legacy and the impact of his entrepreneurial spirit.

What is All Money In?
All Money In is an independent record label founded by Nipsey Hussle. It promotes financial independence and community reinvestment. The label supports budding artists and embodies self-sufficiency in music production and business.

2010 – Today

All Money In Logo

A minimalist logo captures attention with its high-contrast black and white palette. A bold, block-style “S” dominates the center. A small “A” sits above and an “I” below the “S”. An oval encases the composition, symbolizing completeness and continuity. White letters stand out against the black backdrop for a striking effect. The logo’s elegance and assertiveness embody a commitment to unity and purpose.