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Cactus Jack is a record company owned by the rapper Travis Scott. It mostly operates to cover his needs. It also records other individuals, but Scott is by far the most successful among them.  Several releases have been recorded throughout its existence. In addition, Cactus Jack merchandise includes shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, and shoes. Today, Travis Scott and his label Cactus Jack are among the most influential celebrity branding in the world. Travis Scott changed the approach to advertising, taking collaborations with brands to a new level. Travis has partnerships with a wide variety of brands, from Hotwheels children’s cars to the online game Fortnite and global fast-food giant McDonald’s.

Meaning and History

The first artist signed on Cactus Jack’s records was Smokepurpp, whose real name is Omar Pineiro. Another performer of the Cactus Jack Records label is Sheck Wes. “Jackboys” is the first release of rapper Travis Scott on his Cactus Jack label, which was published in 2019. The record includes seven tracks created together with Young Thug, Pop Smoke, Offset, Quavo, Sheck Wes, Dj Chase B, and Don Toliver. Besides music, Cactus Jack has merchandise. In 2017, Travis has created a line of merchandise that featured characters from the horror movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre ”. Travis was not the first to use the name, Cactus Jack. In the 1980s, the WWE wrestler Mick Foley performed under such a pseudonym. Nonetheless, it is declared that Travis’s father, who is also called Jack, inspired the artist to create a label. In addition, Travis is from Texas. One of the iconic symbols of this state is cacti, so he decided not to forget about his roots. The Jack part is short for Jacques, his real name

What is Cactus Jack?
Cactus Jack is a recognized label created by Travis Scott. The label also has its own publishing division called Cactus Jack Publishing. A non-standard approach, creativity, and lack of fear of the new are the basis of his brand and cooperation. Its fans expect Cactus Jack Records to have new artists no less talented than those who have already joined Travis’ label.

2017 – today

Cactus Jack Logo

The emblem of the company is just their name arranged into a cross. The second ‘C’ letter in ‘Cactus’ serves as a junction point for two words, and it’s shared by them both. Each letter is drawn by hand using black lines. It looks like a conceptual drawing with uneven lines and loose proportions. The emblem resembles a cross, but it’s likely supposed to be a cactus. There are also three lines coming off from the top letter, which could be thorns. The label also has a secondary emblem – an image of a boy with his eyes closed and mouth stitched up. It’s also created using lines drawn by hand, which means uneven and disproportionate shapes. There is also a generally comical and somewhat sweet look about the emblem.

Font and Color

Cactus Jack Emblem

The company is using a unique, handwritten typeface. It looks like a black marker was used to quickly write down the name, creating funky-shaped lettering. The letters have varying thickness and are unevenly spaced. The letter “A” in the word “Jack” is smaller and squished while the “K” is spaced further apart to ensure that the overall emblem looks balanced. The black color is a classic choice. It is quite simple, yet has some elegance, power, and even mystery about it.