Cactus Jack Logo

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What is Cactus Jack Logo

Cactus Jack is a record company owned by the rapper Travis Scott and mostly operating to cover his needs. It also records other individuals, but Scott is by far the most successful among them. Under the company, a total of 7 releases have been recorded since 2017.

Meaning and History

2017 – today

Cactus Jack Logo

The emblem of the company is just their name arranged into a cross. The second ‘C’ letter in ‘Cactus’ serves as a convergence point for two words, and it’s shared by them both. Each letter is drawn by hand using black lines, and it looks like a conceptual drawing with uneven lines and loose proportions.

The emblem resembles a cross, but it’s likely supposed to be a cactus. There are also three lines coming off from the top-most letter, which could be thorns.

Emblem and Symbol

The label also has a secondary emblem – an image of a boy with his eyes closed and mouth stitched up. It’s also created using lines drawn by hand, which means uneven and disproportionate shapes, but also a generally comical and somewhat sweet look about the emblem.