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ENHYPEN, a Korean boy band, regularly proves that they deserve to be called icons of the fourth generation of K-pop. At the beginning of 2022, Hanteo announced that their first full-length album has surpassed 1 million sales. They were the first of the 4th generation bands to reach this milestone. A million copies of their album were also sold in the shortest possible time. Besides musical achievements, in 2021, the group became the first ambassador of the French men’s brand AMI, while the Abib brand officially announced them as their new international models. According to Hugo Ramos, a brand analyst at Lefty, ENHYPEN’s presence generated $7.2 million in EMV for Prada, thus becoming the most influential influencer at Prada Fall/Winter 2023 show.

Meaning and History

The musical group was formed in 2020 as a result of the musical show I-LAND under the auspices of the media company Belift Lab(빌리프랩), a subsidiary of HYBE(하이브). As a result of the I-LAND program, the group was left with seven members. In the fall of 2021, the guys released their first studio album and quickly gained popularity, breaking many records. The band’s name ENHYPEN comes from the English word “hyphen”. Just as a hyphen connects different words, thereby creating new ones, ENHYPEN strives to connect different people and different generations. By the way, it should be noted that the track titles of the group are written with a hyphen.

What is ENHYPEN?
ENHYPEN is a South Korean boy band that formed from seven I-Land trainees who made it to the finals. In 2022, ENHYPEN once again achieved success on Spotify when “Polaroid Love” became their third song after “FEVER” and “Drunk-Dazed” to reach 100 million streams.

2020 – Today

Enhypen Logo

The logo of a group features a bold, confident inscription without any other elements. It uses a sans-serif, geometric typeface a unique feature of which are a few curved corners. The name is done in black and has all uppercase letters, which further strengthens its professional look. The relatively new boy band created a great foundation for all its future successes.

Font and Color

Enhypen Emblem

The group’s logo features a beautifully designed sans-serif font that is very close to Earth Orbiter. The bold strokes create geometric shapes. The inscription is done in black on a white background, which gives the logo an elegant and powerful feel. This color is typically used by bands who play “dark” music and want to add some mystery with some dramatic notes.