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Guns N Roses was a very popular band in the 90s in the US and Europe. It even bore the nickname “Gods of Rock” for its huge contribution to the genre’s popularization. The debut album of the group is officially the most commercially successful debut album ever and was recorded in just three weeks.  It was one of the loudest, most scandalous, and crazy bands in the history of rock music. Their motto has always been ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll’. To their own surprise, they survived to this day, although many believe that the group that drove teenagers crazy is no longer there.

Meaning and History

Guns N Roses Logo history

Axl Rose, born William Bruce Rose, was the founder of the group. In 1985, Rose met guitarist Tracy Guns, and their names formed the band’s name, “Guns N’ Roses”. Ironically, Gunz had to leave the project, and Saul Slash Hudson took his place. Later, bassist Duff McKagan and drummer Stephen Adler joined the group. In 1986, they held their first official concert at a club, and in just 4 months, “Geffen Records” signed a contract with the band. The group gained worldwide popularity immediately after the release of its debut album in 1987. “Appetite for Destruction” not only hit number one on the US Billboard 200 chart but was also sold 18 times platinum in the US. Success was cemented by a world tour and two albums, “Use Your Illusion I” and “Use Your Illusion II”. In 1995, Axl Rose announced that he was leaving the group and taking its name. Axl continued to tour with ‘Guns N’ Roses’, constantly changing its members.

What is Guns N Roses?
Guns N Roses is a hard rock and heavy metal musical group from LA, California. This is one of the most successful rock bands in history, with a total of 150 million records sold.

1987 – 1989

Guns N Roses Logo 1987

The initial brand logotype was introduced with the rise of the group’s popularity and the release of its first album – “Appetite for Destruction”. That logo represented the band’s name, written in a black serif font on a banner with a yellow and orange gradient. It was placed above a purple with gold details cross. The cross also features five skulls drawn to resemble the five original members of the group with the help of hairstyles and headwear. There was a skull in the center, while the other four were placed on the ends. Under the cross, the logo had a red banner with a black outline. The name of the first album was written on the banner in black, uppercase letters.

1987 – today

Guns N Roses Logo

Another band’s logo depicted a yellow-colored circle with a metallic center, which had a black outline and shadow for a 3D look. Two realistic revolvers and a rose for each one of them are drawn across the circle with just a tip sticking out beyond the circle’s borders. The band’s name was located on the yellow part of the circle and had a strong serif typeface with plenty of space between letters. All the letters were capitalized and black, which contrasted well against a deep yellow and complemented other gray and black colors used in the emblem.

Font and Color

The band used Corvinus Skyline ICG typeface by Image Club Graphics for the name in both versions of its logo. The letters are black, uppercase, and widely spaced apart. The colors yellow, black, and red are the predominant colors in both logos. These colors represent energy, danger, mystery, evil, and passion. All of these meanings can easily be traced to the group. There is also a little green, purple, blue, and white.