Guns N Roses Logo

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What is Guns N Roses Logo

Guns N Roses is a hard rock and heavy metal musical group from LA, California. It appeared in the middle of 80s as a local band in the US. GNR was very popular in the 90s in US and Europe and even bore the nickname ‘Gods of Rock’ for its huge contribution in the genre’s popularization.

Meaning and History

Guns N Roses Logo history

1987 – 1989

Guns N Roses Logo 1987

The initial brand logotype was introduced with the rise of the group’s popularity and the release of its first album – ‘Appetite for Destruction’. That logo represented the band’s name, written in black serif font on the orange line that itself had the white contour.

1987 – today

Guns N Roses Logo

Another brand logo depicted the yellow-and-gray colored circle styled as a pistol bullet. On it there were drawn two revolvers and a rose for each one of them. The band’s name was located on the yellow part of the bullet, and had the strong serif typeface with gaps between letters.