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Always stands as a prominent brand in the feminine hygiene market. Procter & Gamble, a giant in the consumer goods sector, took the initiative to create Always. The birthplace of this brand traces back to the United States. It aims to provide women across the globe with high-quality menstrual products. Always has made significant strides in promoting comfort and confidence among its users, ensuring that women can go about their daily activities unhindered by their menstrual cycle. The brand’s dedication to quality and innovation has solidified its position as a trusted name in feminine care.

Meaning and history

Always Logo history

Procter & Gamble introduced Always in 1983, marking a revolutionary step in feminine hygiene. The brand quickly distinguished itself by offering products designed for both comfort and reliability, addressing a significant need in the market. Key milestones include the introduction of the Ultra thin pad in 1984, which offered discreteness without compromising on protection. In 2001, Always expanded its line with the launch of the Dri-Weave technology, enhancing the wearer’s comfort by keeping moisture away from the skin. These innovations, among others, have underscored Always’s commitment to improving menstrual health and hygiene.

What is Always?
Always is a leading brand specializing in feminine hygiene products. Created by Procter & Gamble, it offers a wide range of menstrual pads designed to provide comfort, protection, and confidence to women worldwide. Always’s commitment to quality and innovation has made it a staple in the feminine care industry.

1983 – 1994

Always Logo 1983

The logo presents the word “Always” in a fluid, cursive script, suggesting grace and fluidity. Above it, a circular emblem features a harmonious blend of green and white elements, cradling a fuchsia drop shape at its heart. This central motif, evocative of femininity, is surrounded by a white swoosh, resembling a protective embrace. The green encapsulates vitality and natural essence, while the white implies purity and cleanliness. Together, these elements form a symbol of the brand’s commitment to comfort, care, and feminine health.

1994 – 1999

Always Logo 1994

The revised logo displays a distinct evolution in style and color. The word “Always” now flows in a sleek, modern cursive with bold navy strokes, adding a touch of sophistication. Above it, the emblem is encased in a golden oval, signifying excellence and high standards. The emblem’s color palette is more pronounced, a deep navy complements the pink hue, symbolizing strength paired with gentle care. This visual upgrade retains the essence of the brand’s identity, while infusing a contemporary appeal and underscoring the brand’s enduring promise of quality and trust in the realm of feminine hygiene.

1999 – 2002

Always Logo 1999

In this rendition of the logo, the design simplifies, embracing minimalism. The word “always” appears in a vibrant azure hue, conveying freshness and serenity. This lighter shade of blue, often associated with cleanliness, aligns with the brand’s hygienic promise. The typeface is soft, with a friendly, approachable feel, mirroring the brand’s support for everyday comfort. Gone are the emblem and the golden oval, a shift that moves the focus solely to the brand name, suggesting clarity in purpose and transparency in values. This streamlined appearance underscores Always’s commitment to providing straightforward, dependable menstrual care products.

2002 – 2012

Always Logo 2002

This iteration of the logo introduces a dynamic element, a bird in flight, adding a layer of symbolism. The bird, rendered in the same uplifting shade of blue as the “Always” text, signifies freedom and the brand’s aspiration to offer a sense of liberation to its customers. It soars upward, suggesting the rise to possibilities and the breaking of barriers. The typography retains its friendly curvature but now stretches upward, mimicking the bird’s ascent. This design change embodies the brand’s commitment to empowerment and progress, echoing the liberating experience Always strives to provide through its products.

2012 – 2015

Always Logo 2012

The logo evolution retains the familiar azure blue but introduces a new symbol: an infinity sign intertwined with a green swoosh. This symbol floats above the “Always” text, harmoniously combining the connotations of endless possibilities and environmental consciousness. The infinity sign represents the brand’s enduring commitment to women’s health and its continuous innovation. This visual enhancement refines the brand’s image, projecting a forward-thinking and sustainable approach to feminine hygiene.

2015 – Today

Always Logo

Stripping back to basics, the logo now sports only the “Always” text, with no accompanying symbols. The typeface remains in the familiar azure blue, a nod to the brand’s heritage. It speaks to an unadorned, sincere commitment to feminine care. The elimination of other elements suggests a focus on the essential: dependable products for women. This design embodies confidence, suggesting that the brand’s name alone is synonymous with its values and promises. It’s a bold step towards a more streamlined, focused brand identity.