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AMD is a large manufacturer of integrated microcircuit electronics. Since its inception, it has rigorously inspected the quality of its goods. In 1976, became the only integrated circuit company that received military and space-grade quality certification. AMD’s share of the microprocessor market throughout its history has been significantly smaller than Intel’s. An interesting fact is that one of its first investors was Robert Noyce, the head of Intel.

Meaning and History

AMD Logo history

The idea to set up AMD, which stands for Advanced Micro Devices, came to eight people from Fairchild Semiconductor. The founders wanted to emphasize their readiness to create innovations. They decided to start their own company to explore new segments of the IT market. Jeremy Sanders is assigned the greatest role in the founding of AMD because, in addition to excellent knowledge in marketing and team management, he was also a fairly knowledgeable engineer. AMD, incorporated on May 1, 1969, in California, required a hefty amount of money to launch, but if worthwhile IT start-ups quickly find the necessary funds now, investors in those days were very wary of this industry. Yet, they succeeded and the first product was developed by November of the same year. Unfortunately, it was not able to withstand competition and was forced to sell its plants in 2009. Since then, AMD concentrated on developing new solutions for both CPU and GPU.

What is AMD?
AMD is a manufacturer and developer of microprocessors and electronics for computers. Its history is created from the desire of ambitious engineers to develop revolutionary projects and make technological solutions financially affordable.

1969 – Today

AMD Logo 1969

The first logo was designed by Larry Bender who created a very simple, yet memorable emblem. It was formed thanks to two black arrows of different sizes. One was pointing upwards to the right, while the other was pointing in the opposite direction, forming one arrow pointing in the upper right corner. They formed a white square in the center and almost a complete square on the outside. From 1995 until 2013, the company used a green-and-white version, which was considered the main emblem during that period.

1980 – 1990 (Secondary)

AMD Logo 1980

An updated version that was used as a secondary emblem featured the same logo only with a white center. It was about the same width as the black line around it. The emblem felt lighter. It was first used on the Am8086 processor that was created based on Intel’s processor.

1995 – Today

AMD Logo

In 1995, the company decided to incorporate the original logo, adding an abbreviation of its name. It was printed using bold, sans-serif font on the left of the arrow emblem. The latter was just a bit higher and lower than the “AMD” inscription.

Font and Color

AMD Emblem

Earlier versions of the logo did not have any inscriptions, but since 1995, it had the initials printed using a font similar to Humanist 521 Bold or Gill Sans Bold. Such bold, geometric font gave it a strong and reliable appearance. The color choice was done in favor of black. It is the color of power, authority, and control. The company wanted to show that its product is superior.