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Apex Legends is a game that was developed by Respawn and which came out in early 2019. It’s a mix between a first-person shooter and a Battle Royale. That was a time when PUBG and Fortnite were on the rise, and the devs were inspired by this game, which prompted them to create a Battle Royale with their own specifics.

Meaning and History

The game started developing back in late 2016, and it was a surprise when it released, because there was no memo that it’s coming out. It’s basically the same last-man-standing type of game, but with more focus on acrobatics, special abilities, futurism and FPS.

The name ‘Apex’ doesn’t suggest anything else besides that you need to be the best player out there to win the game.

What is Apex Legends?
Apex Legends is a first-person Battle Royale developed by Respawn and released by EA in 2019. The game revolves in the wider universe of Titanfall – a futuristic, technologically advanced world. Each match accommodates as many as 20 players in teams of up to 3, whose goal is shoot everyone else on a big multilayered map.

2019 – today

Apex Legends Logo

The logo is a very simple concept – it’s just the name of the game written in black on two levels.

The first level is the word ‘APEX’ written in thick tall letters with some notches on them. It’s not like serif notches – these are ledges protruding here and there. The second level is the word ‘LEGENDS’ written below in smaller, much thinner letters that are still true to the stile. There were also two horizontal lines on both sides.

The logo is often styled as broken glass – the main word in particular usually has cuts and cracks all over the place, as well as places where ‘shards’ of the letters have been previously.

Emblem and Symbol

Apex Legends Emblem

The game also features an icon it uses in conjunction with the main logo or independently. It’s a hollow triangle with the bottom line missing in favor of the two ‘fangs’ in its place. It clearly symbolizes both an ‘Apex predator’ you’re supposed to be to win as well as a symbolic mountain you need to conquer.