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PlayStation 4 has been the main gaming console by Sony from the year 2013 and even to this day. Although they’ve long released PS5, the previous incarnation of their iconic hardware is till leading the sales charts. A lot of the game companies are still releasing new games for PS4, despite it being nominally outdated now.

Meaning and History

Sony has been making the PS series for a while now. PS One came out in the year 1994, and there have been new models releasing every couple of years. PS4 was released in 2013, and it immediately became the console to play on. Even years later, it’s still enjoyable and constantly updated.

What is PS4?
PlayStation 4 is a gaming console created and released by Sony in 2013. It’s one of the most popular such products in history, and games still come out for it, despite it being technically outdated. It was supplanted as Sony’s foremost console by PlayStation 5, which came out in 2020.

2013 – today

PS4 Logo

Since its release, PS4 has been using the emblem the original PS, thus making homage to the start of the series.

That emblem was the combination of two letters featured in the name – ‘P’ and ‘S’. The former was standing upright and slightly at an angle, while the latter was continued from the bottom tip of the ‘P’ but set against the ‘floor’ on which it stood – basically styled as a shadow.

The initial emblem had complex coloring meant for kids and teens, but the PS4 logo is much sleeker. It’s completely black (although some variations also feature blue ore white variations.

Emblem and Symbol

PS4 Logo Emblem

PS4 also has an additional emblem that simply says ‘PS4’, but in thin, stretched-out letters. These are written in a rounded, wide style with as little detail as possible. The ‘P’ itself looks like a ‘2’ without the bottom bar. That’s in accordance with the new, sleek design of the console.