Demon Slayer Logo

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Demon Slayer is a popular Japanese series of anime and manga. Original manga was published in 2016-2020, while the first season of anime based on it aired in 2019. The story is about a teen who lives in a world infested by demons. After his family was slaughtered by them, he went off to become a professional demon hunter, or slayer.

Meaning and History

2016 – today

Demon Slayer Logo

The anglicized logo of the show depicts a left-facing crimson crescent with an inner black layer. In it, the designers inserted the show’s name. The ‘Demon Slayer’ part is written using tattered, jagged serif letters – all uppercase. The second bit of the name, the Japanese name ‘Kimetsu no yaiba’ is placed below. These letters use a more typical sans-serif style.