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The Halo series is one of the well-known shooter series of all time that made history. The game tells about the confrontation between people and the Covenant of aliens in order to save their own planet. Due to an unsuccessful movement in space, the ship of the main character falls on a giant Halo – a ring of titanic size, on which the artificial world is located. Master Chief will have to unravel the secret of the Halo and get out of it before the aliens get hold of information regarding the location of the Earth.

Meaning and History

Halo Logo history

The first game became iconic for a generation of gamers, and for good reason. Studio Bungie, now known for the Destiny series, once brought the shooter genre and its console representatives in particular to a new level. But in 1997, few people knew about it, when the development of a strategy game based on a new intellectual property, Halo, started. It was exclusive to Macintosh platforms, and in 1999, Steve Jobs presented the project at Macworld Expo. In 2000, Bungie was bought and became part of Microsoft Game Studios and a year later, the game came out and became a sensation.

What is Halo?

Halo is a fantasy first-person shooter originally released for the Xbox and later ported to the PC. In the early years, the original Xbox didn’t have a decent library of games.

2001 – 2007

Halo Logo 2001

When the game first came out, it was accompanied by a logo that was a stylized name of the game. It had a metallic look with a white, gray, and blue gradient. The letters were wide and had a grey shadow. The font itself had broken and sharp edges, with letters “A” and “O” having opened center. There was also a small circle inside the “O”, which made it look as if it is a shooting target.

2007 – 2009

Halo Logo 2007

The game had its logo updated with a release of a new series. The most noticeable change was done to the color of the wordmark. It was a dark shade of blue mixed in with black and light blue colors. This color scheme was a good reflection of the game’s theme. There was no more shadow, but the letters had a border that gave them a 3D look. Some of the edges and lines of the letters looked uneven and resembled broken bricks. Otherwise, the font closely resembled the original.

2010 – 2012

Halo Logo 2010

A new update to the logo brought on more drastic changes. The name of the game was used for the logo once more and was written using wide, capital letters, but this time the lines were smooth. The opening in the letter “A” was done in a different place and “O” had an even larger opening where it would otherwise touch the “L”. The color scheme was changed to a black and gray gradient.

2012 – 2013

Halo Logo 2012

The new Halo logo was a mix of the previous and original wordmark, where letters “A” and “O” looked more like the originals, but the smooth lines of the previous version were preserved. The color scheme was changed back to different shades of blue that filled the text with a gradient.

2014 – 2016

Halo Logo 2014

Game designers stayed true to the original design. The redesign mainly focused on the colors, which now had shades of turquoise and gray. The 3D effect and smooth lines were kept the same.

2016 – Today

Halo Logo

Just like the previous updates, the changes in the logo were minimal. It was only the color scheme that was updated to have shades of gray and white. The 3D border became even more defined and had some orange at the bottom.