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Sea of Thieves is a cooperative multiplayer action-adventure game developed by Rare and distributed by Microsoft Studios on Xbox One in March 2018 and Xbox Series X/S and PC in November 2020. The game takes place in a pirate setting. It offers players to explore an open world, moving from one island to another by a pirate ship, and seeking adventures and treasures for trade.

Players can buy and find various weapons, ship upgrades or customization, pets, and items of self-decorating. During their trip, ships of pirates may encounter sea or island beasts guarding riches and leading to various sidequests. Shipmates also can meet each other and start alliances or colorful naval battles.

Meaning and history

Sea of Thieves Logo history

The Sea of Thieves development started in 2014 when a UK-based videogame producer Rare, owned by Microsoft, started drafting the future project in the pirate setting. It took five months for the company to create the running prototype coded on the Unity engine and present it to the board of Microsoft managers. After playing it, the company bosses allowed the studio to continue development and gave money and time to Rare. The game’s engine would later be changed to Unreal Engine 4.

Since Sea of Thieves appeared to be an online game, Rare suggested its community engage in the project’s development by joining the Insider’s Program. It enabled access to an early version of the game for applicants so they could test and experiment with game features.

They’ve also received access to a private developer contact forum. By the end of the program, Rare examined how users cooperate with each other and NPCs, and the in-game world. Based on the results of their research, Rare has added unplanned options in its project, such as solo play mode, for instance.

The project came into release in 2018 on Xbox One, initially meeting mixed reviews and various critics generally touching boring sidequests, an empty open world, and technical problems. However, after several huge updates, adding new stories and features, the game has re-attracted players’ attention and returned online. Later in 2020, it was released on PC and Xbox Series X and S.

What is Sea of Thieves?
Sea of Thieves is a 2018-released open-world game developed by Rare and released by Microsoft. It inserts players into a vast world dominated by sea, mysterious islands, and treasure. The main theme is piracy, and players are allowed to partake in many buccaneer activities from treasure-hunting to sailing and fighting. That said, it’s an extremely colorful, cute, and cartoony game.

2018 – 2020

Sea of Thieves Logo 2018

The game’s older posters and images show a logotype slightly differing from the latter one. It displayed the gradient golden-and-brown nameplate, written in a two-line inscription. The letter ‘o’ is executed as a human skull, while the character ‘t’, which is uppercase, looks like a crest or a pickaxe with its horizontal part elongated.

2020 – today

Sea of Thieves Logo

Then, they redesigned the logotype while not changing any parts dramatically. The coloring has evolved richer and darker, while the letterforms are bolder and larger than previously. Their design differs as well, showing straight and sharp letters. The word ‘sea’ is now positioned in a horizontal line, not upright as before. Finally, the letter ‘t’ has received a longer horizontal bar, covering the rest of its word.


Sea of Thieves Symbol

The game’s font is a custom one – the letters look like they were cut roughly from old yellowish parchment or, rather, hewn from gold or bronze. They made them moderately bold, tall, and with sharp tips, wherever possible.

One of the main features is the rough, uneven edges that are quite in line with the pirate theme of the project. The letter ‘T’ in particular is shaped like a big cross (‘X’ marks the spot) with a stunted upper line, while the rest are overly long.


Sea of Thieves Emblem

The color didn’t really change from one version to the next. It’s always been a blend of brown and yellow hues. Because of it, it’s reminiscent of a lot of different materials – from old paper as seen on pirate maps to bronze, gold, or rust.

Compared to the earlier image, the 2020 logo has a much lighter and more saturated color palette. The shades also gradually shifted from the lighter gold-like hues near the top right corner to the darker, more bronze look at the bottom left.