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Betterware is a British public limited company, based in England. It spreads various consumer goods across the UK via its crew of 2000 self-employed distributors. They verify finished order blanks online, and then send a message to the main store in Ellesmere Port, from where the proper furniture is delivered to customers right to their doorsteps. Betterware operates in Ireland via its sub-company, and another subsidiary in Mexico became independent in 2018 but still has close connections to its former European boss as the products are mostly the same.

Meaning and history

Betterware appeared in the late 1920s in East London. It started a business selling brushes door-to-door, using the courier workforce. The company’s initial nameplate read Betterwear, but it was changed in 1970 to represent its product line expansion. Thirteen years later, Stanley Cohen purchased all company’s assets and moved its headquarters from Romford, Essex, to Castle Vale, Birmingham.

After Betterware was brought into the public in 1986, it became one of the best companies on the stock exchange in the early 1990s. Its shares increased 12,5 times, from 20p to 250p. In 1997, Cohen sold his part of the company for £117 million. At the time, the company sold kitchen tools, home storage products, self-care goods, and mobility means.

The company went through another relocation in 2015 when it moved to Hurricane Park, Bromford district of Birmingham. In the same year, JRJR, a Texas-based company, acquired the company’s assets. Three years later, the company went under the administrative rule. It was followed by a winding up petition against the parent company Stanley House Distribution, after which it ceased existence.

The Betterware trademark was now purchased from the liquidators, by a new company, Betterware Global. It restarted the company in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, where the main office and store are based now.

What is Betterware?
Betterware is a British company, headquartered in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, UK. Founded in 1928, now it distributes various products from housecare goods to self-care aids, kitchen tools, and others, using its official online website, where the products are posted. After the order submitting, the chosen products are sent directly to the client’s doorstep.

1970 – today

Betterware Logo

The Betterware official logotype depicts a wordmark without a background. It is bifurcated between the two portions, ‘better’ and ‘ware’, colored and written differently. The shift between the two parts is displayed in that the ‘w’ letter is shortened in its upper left tip and covered by the letter ‘r’ going before it.


Betterware Emblem

The color code chosen by the company’s designers incorporates white, blue, and red shades. White stands for the background if there is one, but usually, it is out of use. The portion ‘better’ is blue, and it is followed by the red ‘ware’ part.


Betterware Symbol

The brand designers used two slightly differing scripts to separate the two parts of the inscription. They both have a regular register and go without serifs. As for the differences, the left segment ‘better’ is extra bold compared to the slim particle ‘ware’.