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What is AutoZone Logo

AutoZone is a large chain of automotive parts stores from America. It was created in Arkansas in 1979. Back then, the brand was known as ‘Auto Shack’. Over time, it grew to become the prime choice for most American car users, and the name had to be adjusted accordingly.

Meaning and History

AutoZone Logo history

1979 – 1987

AutoZone Logo 1979

The brand used this logo during their ‘Auto Shack’ period. It depicts their name written in two lines using tall, round letters. On the immediate left of this writing, they fitted several vertical strokes tilted to one side. They grew slimmer the closer to the name part they got and were completely black (same as the written part, anyway).

1987 – Today

AutoZone Logo

In 1987, they remodeled the logo to fit the new name – ‘AutoZone’. That being said, the idea changed little. The font used with the writing stayed the same, although the color of the letters shifted to red. Moreover, it was now written in one single line. Accordingly, the strokes on the left also lost in height and grew in width. Their color also changed – to orange.