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Binance is a decentralized platform that operates largely as a crypto exchange. It also has P2P payment and other decentralized solutions, making it one of the most influential websites in crypto world. It has one of the largest collections of coins for sale (over 80), although some titans, like Coinbase, overtake them on this front. Besides the number of cryptocurrencies and tokens available on the platform, Binance is known largely for its exquisite, user-friendly design and great technical capabilities. It’s one of the most stable and transparent cryptocurrency exchanges out there.

Meaning and History

Binance is a portmanteau of the words ‘Finance’ and ‘Bitcoin’. It was created in 2017 by a group of Chinese entrepreneurs as a place to exchange different major cryptocurrencies, although Bitcoin was in the spotlight for the longest time. Later, Binance started including smaller cryptocurrencies, and now it essentially has all the currently relevant coins that an investor can look for. Some are deleted from the rotation, borut others are constantly added. You can both sell and buy crypto here, with a small commission.

What is Binance
Binance is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as one of the biggest decentralized platforms in general. The main purpose of Binance is to connect buyers with sellers and allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies this way. You can buy and sell coins here, exchanging them for one another or for fiat money.

2017 – today

Binance Logo

The original logo incorporates two elements: the name of the company and a simple geometric shape used as their emblem.

The name is written in all capitalized letters with a bright yellow coloring that resembles a Bitcoin. Typically, you can see it beneath the emblem or to its direct right, but there isn’t a universal. It can essentially be anywhere in relation to the other part of the logo.

The emblem is a rhombic figure that consists of three smaller rhombs, arranged single-file in the center. Above and below, there are elements that resemble tick marks. They are separated from the rhombs on the sides, but it seems like they would be one continuous image otherwise. There is no telling what the emblem is supposed to mean, but it seems generally futuristic and geometric.


Binance Font

The font they use is a very basic sans-serif. This style makes them look somewhat strict, straight and angular. There are many sharp ninety-degree turns that make these characters look rectangular. The letters are bold, close to one another and relatively big. They are also fully capitalized.


Binance Emblem

The coloring Binance applies for many things, including logos and other parts of branding, uses yellow almost exclusively. In some instances, they can use white or black, but the logotypes rarely do so. This shade of yellow has a visible orange tint that makes it look vaguely like gold. Again, it’s the color Bitcoin uses, so they simply reused it for their own branding.