Car Brands that Start With G

Car Brands that Start With G

In the grand tapestry of the automotive world, logos serve not merely as identifiers but as emblems of heritage, innovation, and engineering prowess. Among these, brands that commence with the letter “G” present a fascinating array of stories and symbols, each encapsulating the essence of the marque it represents.

The letter “G” introduces us to a diverse spectrum of automotive manufacturers, ranging from giants of industry to niche boutiques, each with its unique narrative. From the rugged resilience of GMC, known for its formidable trucks and utility vehicles that traverse terrains worldwide, to the elegance of Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury arm that marries sophistication with cutting-edge technology, the “G” brands encompass a wide array of automotive philosophies.

Notably, the Italian prowess in car design and performance is represented by marques such as Giorgetto Giugiaro’s Italdesign Giugiaro, which has left an indelible mark on automotive aesthetics. Meanwhile, the legacy of high-performance and exclusivity is continued by brands like Ginetta, with its roots deeply embedded in British motorsport and engineering excellence.

Furthermore, the list would not be complete without mentioning the likes of Gumpert, whose Apollo model pushed the boundaries of street-legal performance cars, and Grinnall, which showcases British innovation in transforming motorcycles into three-wheeled sports cars. These brands exemplify the relentless pursuit of performance, design, and driving pleasure that characterizes the automotive industry.

Beyond performance and luxury, environmental sustainability and technological innovation are themes that resonate with “G” brands such as GAC Group, a testament to China’s burgeoning prowess in the global automotive market with a focus on electric vehicles and new energy solutions.

GAC Group

Logo GAC Group

A significant force in the automotive realm, the GAC Group hails from Guangzhou, China, and stands out for its trailblazing work in research and development. The brand’s commitment to crafting innovative and environmentally friendly vehicles is evident, as it strives to shape a sustainable future of transport. Its emblem, a circle with a metallic luster, symbolizes its global influence and commitment to technological progress. A stylized “G” resembling an arrow embodies the company’s dedication to advancement and momentum. The emblem’s red and white hues pay homage to its Chinese heritage, with red denoting prosperity and joy, and white signifying purity and luminosity.

Gardner Douglas

Logo Gardner Douglas

British craftsmanship reaches new heights with Gardner Douglas, known for their high-performance sports cars and bespoke replicas. They blend timeless aesthetics with modern technology, offering an unrivaled motoring experience. Their emblem marries simplicity with elegance, showcasing intertwined “G” and “D” in a stark monochromatic theme. The “G” enfolds a sphere, representing wholeness and community, while the “D” stands partially revealed, symbolizing a spirit of innovation and openness.


Logo Gaz

Gaz, an acronym for Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod, anchors the Russian automotive industry with a storied legacy dating from 1932. They offer a diverse lineup from personal to military vehicles, a testament to the enduring spirit and ingenuity of Russian engineering. Their emblem, a robust shield, denotes protection and fortitude, while its metallic tones echo the brand’s industrial strength. A dynamic deer leaping over a sword lies at the emblem’s core, merging Russian cultural pride with a pledge to adaptability and endurance.


Logo Geely

Making headway as a pioneering automotive force, Geely has embraced global markets, pushing the envelope in electric and new energy solutions while paving the way for intelligent, connected, and autonomous driving technologies. Their logo is a vibrant blue backdrop showcasing a symbolic representation, with two white horizontal bars on the top half and a semi-circular white shape on the bottom, creating a stylized shield. Below this emblem, the word “GEELY” is spelled out in large, white, block letters that are neatly segmented, reinforcing the logo’s geometric aesthetic. This design conveys a sense of solidity and forward-thinking vision.

Geijer Co

Logo Geijer Co

Though not a household name in the auto industry, Geijer Co’s ethos is rooted in unwavering quality and innovative spirit. Their commitment is mirrored in their product or service offerings, consistently delivering top-tier excellence and customer satisfaction. Their logo harks back to a bygone era with a traditional serif typeface, underscoring a rich heritage and steadfast values. The inclusion of an ampersand and period lends a timeless, refined character, while the bold lettering underscores a reputation for dependability and assurance.


Logo GEM

Leading the charge in electric mobility, Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) champions sustainable and practical urban transport solutions, underpinning a future where environmental consciousness and functionality go hand in hand. Their emblem, a symbol of depth and proficiency, showcases a rich blue gradient within a circular boundary, enveloping the robust “GEM” initials. A surrounding silver circle adds a touch of sophistication.


Logo Gemballa

Gemballa’s name is a byword for the art of transforming elite sports cars into unique, tailor-made creations, surpassing the pinnacle of customization and performance enhancement. The brand’s emblem, a stylized shield, denotes a fusion of speed and security. A globe motif lies beneath the brand script within the shield, projecting a global reach and bespoke craftsmanship. A signature stripe through the center infuses a sense of personal commitment to artisanship and the pursuit of exclusivity.


Genesis Logo

Hyundai Motor Group’s luxury arm, Genesis, has swiftly carved a niche for itself in the upscale automotive sector. It merges elegant design, advanced technology, and superior artisanship to rival the offerings of established luxury marques. The brand’s winged insignia epitomizes opulence and the spirit of freedom. Encapsulated within a shield for heritage and security, the outstretched wings represent swiftness and grace. Anchoring the emblem is the “GENESIS” inscription, set in a commanding, sans-serif font that underscores its modern, upscale identity.


Logo Geo

Geo, a brainchild of General Motors initiated in 1989, targeted the compact car segment with models that were the result of collaborations with Asian auto giants like Toyota and Suzuki. This blend of American marketing prowess and Asian manufacturing acumen endured until Geo’s cessation in 1997. The Geo emblem, characterized by robust, red typography and an “O” that encapsulates a blue orb crisscrossed by grid lines, reflects the brand’s global outreach and efficiency. The red and blue palette embodies vitality and reliability, marking Geo’s place in automotive history.

Ghabbour Group

Logo Ghabbour Group

A linchpin in the Middle Eastern automotive landscape, Egypt’s Ghabbour Group stands tall as a manufacturer and distributor, representing several international brands and delivering extensive automotive services. Their logo, a pair of symmetrical, arrow-like figures, suggests motion and progression. The deep blue hue embodies the brand’s wisdom and authority in the industry. The company’s name, in bold uppercase letters, provides a steadfast and authoritative base.


Logo Ghia

Ghia, an Italian powerhouse in car design since 1916, is celebrated for its fusion of art and automotive engineering, crafting iconic luxury exteriors for giants like Ford and Chrysler. The Ghia emblem is a shield graced with a fluid, stylized typeface that speaks to the firm’s design pedigree. The calligraphic script flows with grace and dynamism, and the red and black colors signify fervor and exactness. A silver trim adds a contemporary edge, befitting the timeless elegance of Ghia-designed vehicles.


Logo Giad

Rising from Sudan, Giad Automotive Industry Co. anchors its presence in the African automotive sphere, spanning from passenger vehicles to commercial buses and trucks, bolstering Sudan’s industrial stature. At the heart of Giad Auto’s emblem is an elegant, abstract figure evoking movement and innovation. A tranquil blend of blue and teal illustrates reliability and serenity, while the emblem’s circular motion denotes ongoing progress, and the pointed oval shape hints at forward momentum and intent.

Giant Motors

Logo Giant Motors

Giant Motors Latinoamérica, hailing from Mexico, has cemented its role within the Latin American auto sector, dedicated to assembling and distributing a spectrum of vehicles. Their emblem brandishes bold, red typography against a stark black backdrop, asserting a bold presence. The typeface’s contemporary heft speaks to a foundation of strength and dependability, reflecting a brand with ambitions as grand as its namesake.


Logo Gilbern

Originating in the valleys of Wales, Gilbern emerged in 1959 as a manufacturer of bespoke sports cars. It wove the fabric of British auto craftsmanship with models like the Gilbern GT and Invader. The brand’s symbol, a vibrant red dragon set against a verdant backdrop, is steeped in Welsh lore, radiating the might and dynamism embodied by this mythic beast. Below, the brand’s name stands in black letters, asserting a confident and distinct identity.


Logo Gillet

The brainchild of racer Tony Gillet, the Belgian marque Gillet made its mark with the Vertigo sports car, renowned for its featherlight build and formidable agility, a testament to the ardor and precision inherent in boutique car making. Gillet’s badge, a round emblem of classical car elegance, centers on a red shield with linear motifs that may allude to velocity or a stylized grille. Encircled by “AUTOMOBILES GILLET BELGIUM”, the badge proudly declares its Belgian roots and automotive dedication.


Logo Ginetta

Immersed in the craft of racing and sports cars since 1958, Ginetta has made its mark in the UK for vehicles that embody the essence of driving and thrive in the competitive world of motorsport. Their emblem features an orange triangle, signaling caution and visibility akin to road signs, with an upward direction that speaks to ambition and progress. The encompassing circle suggests wholeness and community, while the stark contrast of black and orange ensures the logo commands attention.

Giocattolo Motori

Logo Giocattolo Motori

The 1980s saw Giocattolo Motori embark on a daring quest in Australia to forge a supercar by fusing a mid-engine V8 with an Alfa Romeo frame, a project that, despite its brief life, earned a fervent following for its bold spirit and formidable prowess. Their logo is defined by a fluid, script-like typeface that conveys momentum and elegance, akin to the sleek journey of a high-performance car, capturing the brand’s ethos of speed and sleek design.

Giotti Victoria

Logo Giotti Victoria

Italian versatility in automotive engineering comes to life with Giotti Victoria, a brand that has expanded into the realms of commercial, electric, and specialized vehicles, reflecting its innovative spirit and responsive approach to the industry’s dynamic demands. Their logo features a metallic sheen with a central. Flanking the circle are two silver wings, suggesting speed and elegance. Above, the word “VICTORIA” is inscribed in a sleek, serif font, and beneath it, “Giotti” in a cursive, fluid script, adding a touch of sophistication. The overall design conveys luxury and a dynamic essence.


Logo Giottiline

Italy’s Giottiline has carved a niche in crafting luxurious recreational vehicles, blending style, comfort, and state-of-the-art technology for those who seek adventure with no compromise on home comforts. Their emblem, a smoothly curved “G”, embodies elegance and flow, while its subdued gray palette imparts a sleek, refined aesthetic. The brand’s name is rendered in a sans-serif typeface, reflecting a modern, minimalist design philosophy.


Logo GKD

GKD Sports Cars from the UK prides itself on producing high-performance kit cars, granting car enthusiasts the thrill of constructing and personalizing their vehicles with advanced engineering. Their emblem captures the essence of velocity and precision with horizontal lines that seem to race back from the prominently featured letters. The emblem’s aerodynamic wing-like silhouette echoes the brand’s commitment to performance and engineering excellence.


Logo GKN

With roots stretching back to 1759, GKN has transitioned from a steel producer to a vanguard in global engineering, particularly in the automotive sector, pioneering driveline systems and cutting-edge vehicle technologies. Their logo is a study in geometry and connection, with interlocked shapes creating the “GKN” initials. A confident blue hue speaks to the brand’s reliability and robustness, while the interconnected design highlights their innovative and integrated engineering solutions.


Logo Glas

German automobile manufacturer Glas, recognized for its innovative small and mid-sized cars like the Goggomobil and Glas V8, showcased pioneering features and left an indelible mark on automotive history before its acquisition by BMW. Their logo, a golden “G” set against a classic winged emblem, radiates with a vintage charm and luxury, encapsulated within a rich burgundy circle that hints at the brand’s legacy of inventive design and premium quality.

Glass Sports Motor

Logo Glass Sports Motor

Embodying the essence of specialized automotive innovation, Glass Sports Motor focuses on crafting distinctive vehicles tailored to the unique desires of its customers, emphasizing the vital role of niche markets in the industry. Their emblem radiates vitality with a cursive, red script that spells speed and fervor. The elongated letters “GSM” are fashioned to imply motion, a fitting representation for a brand devoted to sports vehicles.

GM (General Motors)

Logo GM

A titan in the automotive industry, General Motors has been a cornerstone since 1908, steering the evolution of the global car landscape. With a repertoire that includes Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac, GM leads in electrification and autonomous vehicle technology. Their emblem is a study in minimalism: a rounded square encasing the “gm” initials in a clean, sans-serif font. The choice of blue communicates a serene, yet steadfast corporate image, solidifying GM’s role as a bastion of trust in the auto world.


GMC Logo

An icon of American ingenuity, GMC has built its legacy on robust trucks, buses, and utility vehicles since 1911, marrying resilience with premium design. The GMC badge boasts assertive, red lettering with a dimensional chrome finish that exudes power and contemporary appeal. The red and silver hues merge the brand’s drive for excellence with a touch of elegance, reflecting its status in the realm of robust automotive design.


Logo GN

The British automotive heritage finds one of its heroes in GN, born in 1910, known for their lightweight cyclecars and chain-driven innovations that left an indelible mark on motorsports due to their nimbleness. Their logo, a monochromatic fusion of the “G” and “N”, plays with three-dimensionality and illusion, creating a visual that’s as timeless as it is distinct, much like the marque’s storied contribution to the automotive world.


Logo Gnome

Gnome evokes a sense of playful innovation and clever efficiency, characteristics that resonate with agility and an eco-conscious approach to transport. Their logo, whimsical and emblematic, features the lowercase word “gnome” beneath a charmingly stylized character in a space suit, alluding to adventure and curiosity. “Astra” arches above, lending an astral quality to the brand, suggestive of exploration and discovery.


Logo Goldoni

Goldoni has made its name by crafting robust agricultural machinery and has ventured into creating utility vehicles, embodying Italian excellence and innovation. Their emblem, set against a passionate red ellipse, spells “GOLDONI” in stark white capitals, emphasizing continuity and vigor. The design’s simplicity underscores the brand’s dedication to clarity and purpose, traits vital to the demands of agriculture and related industries.


Logo Goliath

Once a subsidiary of the Borgward group, Goliath made a significant impact with compact cars and vans featuring pioneering tech like front-wheel drive. Their emblem, featuring an assertive “G” that underscores the name “GOLIATH” in dynamic, uppercase letters, radiates motion and robustness. The red hue pulsates with life and ambition, while the substantial font reflects the brand’s historical commitment to innovation and dependability.


Logo Gonow

Gonow reflects the burgeoning prowess of China’s automotive industry with its SUVs and trucks designed for affordability and functionality. Their emblem embodies modernity, with the “G” merging into a circular orbit, against a gradient of blue. This emblematic design conveys technological savvy and trust, while the circularity hints at unity and the metallic finish suggests a touch of sophistication.

Gordon Keeble

Logo Gordon Keeble

In the 1960s, Gordon Keeble captured the essence of British automotive luxury with the GK1, a GT sports car that melded Italian styling with American muscle. The brand’s emblem, a black turtle set against a vivid yellow, encircled by a green laurel, denotes longevity and triumph, a nod to the car’s enduring allure and the marque’s exclusive legacy. A black and silver border infuses the logo with sophistication, mirroring the brand’s dedication to excellence.


Logo Graber

Graber’s name is synonymous with Swiss precision in custom coachbuilding, known for transforming already luxurious cars into one-of-a-kind works of art. Their shield emblem, in subdued green and black, showcases the name “GRABER” in assertive lettering, flanked by “CARROSSIER” and its hometown “WICHTRACH BERN”, with a vintage automobile at its heart, a tribute to their bespoke automotive lineage.

Graf & Stift

Logo Graf Stift

Austrian marque Graf & Stift’s legacy is intertwined with luxury and historical significance, crafting vehicles that epitomized technical sophistication. Their emblem, a vibrant red crest with emanating yellow rays and a prominent white “I”, surrounded by the brand’s name in a classic script, tells a story of heritage, tragedy, and the pursuit of automotive excellence.


Logo Graham

American automotive innovation found a proponent in Graham, a brand that thrived on inventive design and engineering, like supercharging, during the tumultuous times of the Great Depression. Their emblem, featuring “GRAHAM” in stark white against a black backdrop, divided by a white cross, symbolizes the brand’s balance between innovation and the steadfast spirit of an era marked by economic challenges.

Granatelli Motor Sports

Logo Granatelli Motor Sports

Granatelli Motor Sports stands out for its pivotal role in American racing, especially at the Indy 500, where its technical prowess and groundbreaking achievements have left an indelible mark. The brand’s logo, with its green italicized script saying “Granatelli” and a red oval containing “GMS”, exudes velocity and precision. The vibrant red and green hues capture the essence of passion and advancement, mirroring the brand’s dynamic and innovative spirit in motorsports.


Logo Grant

Grant emerged in the early 20th century as an American car maker, notable for its accessible vehicles and signature circular radiator, symbolizing the period’s optimism and the expanding reach of automobile ownership. Their emblem, a vintage off-white clover-shaped badge featuring “Grant” in a striking red serif font, balances classic charm with a nod to excellence and craftsmanship, highlighted by a solitary star that hints at the brand’s commitment to quality.

Gray Dort

Logo Gray Dort

Originating from Chatham, Ontario, Gray Dort Motors crafted vehicles that stood out for their refinement in the early 20th century, cementing a legacy of quality in Canadian automotive history. Their logo, embracing a retro aesthetic with “Gray Dort” in bold letters encircled by a detailed double line, contrasts stark simplicity with intricate designs, suggesting a harmonious blend of heritage and meticulous attention to detail.

Great Wall

Logo Great Wall

Since its inception in 1984, Great Wall Motors has ascended as a leading force in China’s automotive industry, specializing in SUVs and trucks, and forging ahead in the electric vehicle market. The logo, a metallic grey emblem with a silver shield suggestive of a “W” and encircled for emphasis, radiates durability and innovation. The name “Great Wall” below in bold, red letters speaks to the brand’s ambitious and vigorous approach to global automotive markets.


Logo Gregoire

In the early 20th century, Gregoire stood out in France for its innovative approach to luxury automobiles, pioneering with aluminum engines and front-wheel drive systems. The brand’s logo, rendered in a cursive, freehand script within an ellipse, exudes sophistication and a personal touch. Its artistic, brushstroke lettering against the clean oval backdrop embodies a brand that prides itself on uniqueness and possibly handcrafted excellence, encapsulating Gregoire’s legacy of engineering ingenuity.


Logo Grifone

Grifone, though less recognized in the broader automotive market, evokes a brand essence of agility, strength, and sophistication, likely appealing to a discerning clientele with a penchant for performance or luxury vehicles. The logo, a gear encircled with “SCUDERIA DEL GRIFONE” in a bold, red serif on a golden background, and a blue shield featuring a vigilant golden griffin, is a strong nod to the brand’s Italian heritage and its commitment to power and excellence in automotive design.


Logo Grinnall

Grinnall Specialist Cars, known for transforming motorcycles into trikes and creating the Grinnall Scorpion, reflects the UK’s innovative automotive spirit. Their logo, with a modern, elliptical grey backdrop and the name “GRINNALL” in bold, sans-serif letters accented by a white swoosh, embodies movement and forward-thinking. This emblem perfectly aligns with the brand’s commitment to lightweight design and exceptional handling, symbolizing speed and the drive for innovation.


Logo Grofri

Grofri, while not a household name, represents a dedication to precision, innovation, and the art of craftsmanship, targeting a niche market that cherishes unique design and engineering prowess. The logo, featuring a classic serif font with a shadow for depth against a simple backdrop, suggests a blend of historical influence and a commitment to quality. This design choice hints at a legacy or a brand ethos rooted in traditional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, appealing to those who value automotive excellence and uniqueness.


Logo Grecav

GRECAV, an Italian automobile manufacturer, specializes in the design and production of compact, lightweight microcars that are renowned for their fuel efficiency and agility, making urban navigation and parking remarkably effortless. The logo displays a shield, divided by bold red horizontal stripes and two silhouetted red lions in a poised stance. The word “GRECAV” crowns the top in red block letters, conveying a regal and robust brand identity.

Grupo Industrial Ramirez

Logo Grupo Industrial Ramirez

Established in the mid-20th century, in 1946, Grupo Industrial Ramirez emerged on the Mexican automotive scene. Initially, they carved a niche for themselves by crafting a range of utility-oriented vehicles, including pickups and vans. Over time, however, their presence dwindled, and the company quietly receded from the industry’s forefront, becoming a shadow of its former self.  Its logo embodies simplicity and functionality, with the “RAMIREZ” name in bold, sans-serif letters colored in orange, suggesting vibrancy and innovation. A horizontal line beneath the name adds a layer of solidity and steadiness to the brand’s image.

GTA Motor

Logo GTA Motor

Known for the GTA Spano, a supercar that melds avant-garde technology with materials like carbon fiber for unmatched performance, GTA Motor has cemented its status in the luxury and engineering zenith of the auto world. The company’s logo, a heraldic shield, marries the ferocity of a black wolf against a white backdrop in its upper half with a race-ready red and white checkered pattern below. The “GTA MOTOR” inscription solidifies its formidable presence in the automotive sector, reflecting the brand’s ambitious and powerful ethos.


Logo GTS

The term GTS, denoting Gran Turismo Sport, encapsulates the essence of performance coupled with luxury. Designed for exhilarating speed and enduring comfort over long distances, vehicles bearing the GTS badge are celebrated for their sporty agility, advanced engineering, and opulent comfort. The GTS logo, with its bold, red, three-dimensional letters, vibrates with confidence and vitality. Its glossy finish and dynamic letter styling speak to a modern and polished brand identity, synonymous with the speed and performance that define the Gran Turismo Sport category.


Logo Gumpert

Roland Gumpert’s creation, the Apollo, stands as a supercar marvel, merging daring design with performance akin to that of racing tracks. This vehicle has carved a niche in the high-performance domain by stretching the limits of what street-legal cars can achieve in terms of engineering, speed, and aerodynamics. The brand’s logo captivates with its simplicity and power, showcasing a modern “A” that resembles both an arrowhead and a spear, set against a black shield backdrop. Its design, minimal yet forceful, employs sharp “A” lines to signify speed and precision, while the shield shape imbues a sense of strength and protection appropriate for a brand synonymous with high-speed prowess.

Gurgel Motores

Logo Gurgel Motores

In 1969, Brazil saw the emergence of Gurgel Motores, a company celebrated for its forward-thinking in car manufacturing. Tailoring its creations to the Brazilian terrain, the company favored fiberglass bodies and its unique “Plástico Reforçado com Fibra de Vidro” (PRFG) engine technology, championing the local industry and curbing the need for imported vehicles. Its logo, a blend of simplicity and geometry, features a blue rectangle and a cleverly intersecting white “G”, creating a captivating visual enigma. The bold, uppercase “GURGEL”, framed by a blue border, and the logo’s angular design mirror the brand’s engineering emphasis and robust construction ethos.


Logo Gutbrod

Established in the early 20th century, Gutbrod, a German auto maker, led the way in Europe’s post-war automotive scene. The 1950 Gutbrod Superior was among the first globally to incorporate fuel injection, underscoring the brand’s dedication to innovation and technological progress. Its logo, a distinctive diamond shape with a hint of retro-futurism, recalls an earlier automotive era. Featuring the brand’s name in a bold, sans-serif typeface and accompanied by horizontal lines that evoke speed, the logo’s design, complete with triangular elements, amplifies the brand’s dynamic and forward-moving spirit.

TVR Griffith

Logo TVR Griffith

The early ’90s introduction of the TVR Griffith marked a pivotal moment for TVR, a British sports car maker known for its combination of potent V8 engines, lightweight fiberglass bodies, and exceptional performance. This model epitomized the quintessence of British sports car design, marrying raw power with agility and a timeless look. The TVR Griffith’s logo, with “TVR” crafted from horizontal lines, exudes a contemporary flair while suggesting movement and speed. The contrast of solid black lines on a white background underscores a bold, assertive identity, aligning with the brand’s reputation for high-performance vehicles.