Most Famous Logos in Black&White

Most Famous Logos in Black and White

The black and white colour combination is a classic, decorative duo that can be used to create a design that represents contrast and balance. This is sometimes expressed through the concept of being classy, chic, and minimalist. The combination of black and white in design is one of the most powerful visual effects, which is the reason why it is used in many areas such as fashion, interior design, and graphic design.

In the realm of fashion, black and white is an ultimate classic that offers an endless source of inspiration. Collectively, they produce bold and not-so-bold ensembles. Black can bring depth and weight, and at the same time, it projects a feeling of secrecy and power. White, on the other hand, radiates lightness and clarity, and it also connotes purity and simplicity. It is these contrasting features that allow for versatile combinations that can be adapted to be worn at any time, from casual to formal.

Black and white is a common feature of interior design that helps designers create trendy and timeless interiors. Black can work as a foundation of a room, making it have a focal point and adding a bit of drama. While black has a way of making spaces smaller and more intimate, white can open up a space, creating a feeling of spaciousness and welcoming. The colour palette can also be used as a backdrop to display art pieces or colourful accents which will stand out from the background and give a room a distinctive character.

In graphic design, the use of black and white allows artists to convey messages with clarity and accuracy. This colour combination can lead to visual contrasts which make content more noticeable and easily readable. It is very suitable for logo design and branding as the main task is to make visuals easy to remember and to make an impact. Black and white designs can be formal and classic, which is why they are always well suited to a brand’s identity and its durability in the long run.

Overall, the black and white color scheme is a significant element in design, which allows transmitting a wide range of emotions and styles. Its versatility and contrast are the main reason why it is so popular among designers from different fields. Whatever the reason behind it – simplicity, elegance, or ability to emphasize other colors – the black and white scheme is a classic choice that has not lost its power to inspire and fascinate.

10×10 An Italian Theory

Logo 10x10 An Italian Theory

A fusion of Italy’s cultural richness with modern design defines this contemporary fashion brand. Alessandro Enriquez founded 10×10 An Italian Theory, celebrated for its vibrant and eclectic designs. It blends traditional craftsmanship with playful storytelling, featuring whimsical motifs and bold colors. This brand embodies Italian conviviality and life’s joy. Its logo combines symmetry and text with two concentric circles. Inside, “Anitaliantheory” and “by alessandro enriquez” are delicately set in a serif typeface. The brand’s name is highlighted by alternating “10” and “X” in the inner circle against a clean background.


Logo ABC

On October 12, 1943, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) began, expanding to television in 1948. Owned by Walt Disney Television, ABC is a major U.S. cultural force. It provides entertainment, news, and sports. Its minimalist logo, with ‘abc’ in a black circle, reflects its media industry presence. “America’s Network”, ABC’s slogan, signifies its commitment to broadcasting innovation.

Badger Brewery

Badger Brewery Logo

In 1777, Hall & Woodhouse founded Badger Brewery in Dorset, England. This traditional British brewery is known for its cask ales and bottled beers. Badger Best Bitter, its flagship beer, symbolizes the brewery’s dedication to quality. Its logo, featuring a detailed badger face within bold text, tells of its brewing heritage. The black and white contrast adds a classic pub signage feel.



Nigo founded A Bathing Ape (BAPE) in Tokyo in 1993, a pivotal Japanese streetwear brand. Known for its ape head logo, shark hoodies, and camouflage, BAPE sets street fashion trends. It has become an international icon through unique designs, collaborations, and celebrity endorsements. The BAPE logo’s stylized ape head, black on white, suggests cool urban sophistication. Its abstract, edgy design with jagged edges captures the brand’s untamed spirit.


BBC Logo

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), established under a Royal Charter, has been a beacon of public service broadcasting in the UK since 1922. As one of the oldest and most expansive broadcasters worldwide, it delivers diverse television, radio, and online services. Renowned for its comprehensive news, educational content, and entertainment, the BBC leads in broadcasting innovation. Its logo, with three black squares bearing the acronym’s white capital letters, exudes modernity and authority, symbolizing the corporation’s trusted and extensive coverage.


Logo CBS

Founded in 1927 by William S. Paley, CBS, known as the Columbia Broadcasting System, has evolved into a multimedia powerhouse in the United States. This network, famously dubbed the “Eye Network” for its iconic logo, has significantly influenced American media. It has shaped the landscape of television journalism and entertainment with pioneering programming. The CBS logo, featuring a stylized eye within a black circle, embodies vision and vigilance, encapsulating the network’s commitment to insightful and top-quality broadcasting.


Logo Holden

Beginning as a saddlery manufacturer in 1856, Holden transitioned into automobile production by 1908. Until the cessation of its brand in 2020, it stood as a symbol of Australian pride, renowned for models like the Commodore. Holden’s emblem, a lion rolling a stone within an oval, depicts strength and the advance of engineering. This monochrome, dynamic symbol reflects the brand’s legacy of durable and innovative Australian vehicles.


Cummins Logo

Since its inception in Columbus, Indiana, in 1919 by Clessie Cummins, Cummins Inc. has emerged as a global leader in power generation. Specializing in diesel and natural gas engines, along with electric and hybrid powertrains, Cummins is dedicated to sustainable solutions and technological advancements. The company’s logo, featuring a bold ‘C’ enveloping its name in capital letters, communicates strength and reliability, echoing Cummin’s status as a pillar in the power solutions sector.


Logo Gateway

In 1985, Gateway, Inc. emerged as a distinct presence in the American computer hardware scene, instantly recognizable by its cow-spotted packaging, an homage to its Iowa roots. The 1990s saw Gateway as a household name for personal computers, thanks to its direct sales model that allowed for customized systems. Acer Inc.’s acquisition in 2007 marked the end of Gateway as an independent entity. Its logo features a playful cow-spotted pattern on a 3D box above the sleek, sans-serif brand name, capturing its unique marketing and product approach.


Logo Macallan

Renowned for its exceptional single malt Scotch whisky, The Macallan distillery in Moray, Scotland, is a staple among whisky aficionados. Since 1824, it has been celebrated for its traditional methods and the unique use of sherry oak casks from Spain, enriching its whisky with distinct flavors. The logo, showcasing the Easter Elchies House with “EST. 1824” and the brand name in elegant script, reflects its luxurious heritage in whisky making.


Logo Motorola

Since its founding in 1928, Motorola Inc. has been at the forefront of telecommunications, introducing the world’s first commercial portable cell phone in 1983. Its contributions to mobile communication and defense radios have made it a seminal figure in the field. Motorola’s logo, combining its iconic “M” emblem within a circle, conveys its legacy in advancing technology and communication. The simple yet striking design represents Motorola’s commitment to innovation.

Jack Daniels

Logo Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels stands as a testament to American whiskey tradition, crafting its Tennessee whiskey in Lynchburg since 1866. Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel, the founder, established the United States’ oldest registered distillery. The signature Old No. 7 brand’s smooth flavor comes from the Lincoln County Process. The logo, with “Old No. 7” in ornate script and detailed embellishments, embodies the whiskey’s rich Americana legacy and craftsmanship from the Jack Daniel Distillery.

SUGAR Cosmetics

Logo SUGAR Cosmetics

Since its 2012 launch by Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee, SUGAR Cosmetics has become a beloved Indian beauty brand, known for its high-performance makeup suited to diverse skin tones and types. Its commitment to cruelty-free products and vibrant, enduring colors appeals to the bold, independent woman. The logo features a sleek, black circle with mirrored “S” shapes in white, suggesting elegance and symmetry, set above the brand’s name in bold, uppercase letters, projecting modernity and strength. This design captures SUGAR Cosmetics’ chic and innovative presence in the beauty sector.

Paramount Pictures

Logo Paramount Pictures

As one of the pillars of Hollywood’s golden era, Paramount Pictures, founded in 1912, is celebrated for its pivotal role in film history, producing and distributing cinema’s most iconic works. Its logo, a mountain encircled by 22 stars, pays homage to the studio’s original contract players, with the majestic peak inspired by Ben Lomond Mountain in Utah, embodying the spirit of cinematic adventure. The “Paramount” script over the mountain underscores the studio’s enduring legacy in the entertainment industry.


Logo Peugeot

Peugeot, tracing its origins back to 1810 with a history of making coffee mills and bicycles before automobiles, stands as a testament to over two centuries of French industrial and mobility innovation. Now under Stellantis, Peugeot continues to impress with designs that marry sleek aesthetics, technological advancement, and environmental stewardship. Its lion logo, within a shield, symbolizes strength, agility, and speed, echoing the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation from its early saw blade products to modern automobiles.

Walt Disney

Logo Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Company, co-founded by Walt Disney, has grown from its animation roots into a global entertainment titan. Since 1923, Disney has defined animation, theme parks, and family fun, with its Burbank headquarters being a center of creativity and innovation. The Disney logo, featuring a fairy-tale castle reaching for a star-traced sky, embodies the magic and dreams central to its brand. The iconic “Disney” script below the castle evokes a sense of childhood wonder and the company’s legacy of entertainment excellence.

White Sox

Chicago White Sox Logo

The Chicago White Sox, a key player in Major League Baseball’s American League Central division, have left a significant mark since their inception in 1901. With three World Series titles under their belt, the most recent in 2005 ended an 88-year wait for glory. Playing their home games at Guaranteed Rate Field, they embody Chicago’s South Side spirit. Their logo, featuring an interlocking ‘S’, ‘O’, and ‘X’ in bold black within a white outline, captures a sense of dynamic energy and tenacity, reflective of the team’s spirited and historic gameplay.


WWF Logo

Operating on a global scale, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been a leading force in conservation efforts since 1961, striving to protect endangered species and their habitats in nearly 100 countries. The iconic panda logo stands as a symbol of the organization’s commitment to biodiversity and environmental conservation. With its simple yet powerful black and white design, the panda logo is not just recognizable, it’s a symbol of hope and dedication to preserving nature’s diversity, embodying the WWF’s mission to foster a sustainable world where humans live in harmony with wildlife.


Logo Xbox

Since its debut in 2001, Xbox, a Microsoft creation, has been at the forefront of the gaming industry, introducing innovative consoles and the Xbox Live online service. Its catalog, featuring “Halo”, “Gears of War”, and “Forza Motorsport”, has propelled Xbox through several console generations, including the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X and S. The brand’s logo, a bold ‘X’ within a green orb and silver outline, represents the portal to vast gaming universes. Accompanied by the sleek “XBOX” typography, the logo encapsulates the brand’s commitment to innovation, community, and immersive gaming experiences.