Car Brands That Start With H

Car Brands That Start With H

In the intricate tapestry of automotive history, logos serve as the definitive emblems of identity, ingenuity, and prestige. Among the alphabet of car brands, those beginning with the letter “H” hold a distinct place in the annals of motoring excellence. These marques, with their diverse origins and emblematic insignias, tell a story of ambition and evolution through their iconic symbols.
As we unfurl the pages of this emblematic chapter, we find a tapestry interwoven with tales of resilience and innovation. Each logo stands as a heraldic bearer of its brand’s unique saga. The storied “H” of Honda conveys a narrative of relentless progress from the humble motorcycle to the dominion of global car markets. The winged crest of Hyundai soars with the promise of modernity and the pursuit of perfection, symbolizing a journey from its Asian roots to international highways.
Then there are the badges that resonate with the echoes of history—like the aristocratic cross of Hennessey, which speaks to a lineage of performance that pushes the boundaries of speed and luxury. The stylized “H” of Hudson, though now a whisper from the past, still evokes the golden age of American automotive design with its art deco elegance.
These logos are not mere markers but the very signatures of their creators, each line and curve a chapter in a story, each color and font a character in a narrative steeped in heritage. As we explore these emblems, we delve into a visual and historical study of identity, exploring how these symbols encapsulate the ethos of their times and the vision of their makers.
In this compendium of “H” monikers, we will trace the arcs of these storied badges, from their conception to their contemporary iterations or their final bow in the automotive theater. We invite you on this alphabetic voyage that promises not just a study of design but an homage to the indomitable spirit that drives the wheels of history forward.


Logo Hafei

As a prominent Chinese automobile manufacturer, Hafei primarily engaged in the production of small cars, mini-vehicles, and commercial vans, renowned for their cost-efficiency and adaptability, catering to a diverse range of consumer needs and preferences, especially in Asia’s burgeoning automotive market. The Hafei brand logo is a triangular shield with a purple interior and three white wavy lines, creating the image of mountain peaks. This element symbolizes stability and inaccessibility, and also hints at the strength and power of the cars produced by the company. The shield shape is traditionally associated with protection and reliability, which reinforces the perception of the brand as a reliable car manufacturer.

Haima Car

Logo Haima Car

Originating from China, Haima Car has evolved significantly since its inception, offering a wide range of vehicles including sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs, noted for their blend of modern technology and affordability, and striving to expand its global footprint in the competitive automotive industry. The Haima brand logo consists of two main elements: a stylized image of a bird that takes off, creating a feeling of movement and freedom, and a circle framing it, symbolizing globality and integrity. The brand name is presented below the image, using a modern font with clear lines, which emphasizes the technology and modernity of the company.

HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited)

Logo HAL

As India’s premier aerospace and defense company, HAL has played a pivotal role in the country’s aviation sector, specializing in the design, development, manufacture, and maintenance of aircraft, helicopters, and their components, significantly contributing to national defense and civil aviation advancements. The HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) brand logo includes deep blue text to reflect the company’s historical manufacturing and heritage. The text “HAL” is accompanied by the text “TWELVE” below to indicate the version of the product. The circular shape of the logo and the classic font evoke associations with tradition and reliability.


Logo Hammer

Distinguished in the automotive world for their robust and high-performance vehicles, Hammer has become synonymous with durability and luxury, offering a range of models that combine advanced technology with impeccable design, appealing to consumers who seek both power and sophistication in their driving experience. The Hammer logo features stark, bold, black lettering, a testament to the brand’s robust and unyielding character; its straightforwardness suggests a no-nonsense approach, reflecting the brand’s focus on power and performance in its product line.


Logo Hanomag

Renowned for its historic contribution to the manufacturing of steam locomotives, tractors, trucks, and military vehicles, Hanomag played a significant role in shaping the industrial and transportation landscape in Germany, reflecting a legacy of engineering excellence and innovation. The Hanomag logo is an artful blend of industrial might and elegance, featuring a golden arch reminiscent of a streamlined bridge, underpinned by wing-like structures that suggest both stability and swiftness, framing a bold ‘H’ that stands assertive at the center.


Logo Hansa

As a notable German automotive brand, Hansa was recognized for its production of high-quality cars, blending elegant design with technical innovation, and played a crucial role in the early development of the automobile industry in Germany, setting standards for performance and aesthetics. The Hansa logo is encased in a triangular heraldic shield, conveying a sense of tradition and strength. The bold ‘H’ at the center is flanked by laurel leaves, symbolizing victory and success, while the inscription ‘HANSA LLOYD BREMEN’ demarcates its rich German heritage.

Harley Davidson

Logo Harley Davidson

An iconic American motorcycle manufacturer, Harley Davidson stands as a symbol of freedom and adventure, renowned for its distinctive design, deep cultural impact, and loyal customer base, continuously innovating while maintaining its classic heritage in the motorcycle world. The Harley-Davidson logo showcases a classic shield-and-bar motif, a timeless emblem of the company’s storied history in motorcycle manufacturing. It is rendered in bold black and orange colors, which are synonymous with the brand’s identity, conveying a sense of adventure and the spirit of the open road.


Logo Hartge

Specializing in modifying BMW vehicles, Hartge is renowned for its expertise in enhancing performance and aesthetics, offering a range of customized solutions that elevate the driving experience, combining technical precision with luxury and style. The brand logo appears to be a dynamic combination of typographic and geometric elements. It features the brand name in capitalized letters, showcasing a bold and authoritative presence. The text is styled in a sleek, metallic silver hue, which conveys a sense of modernity and technological advancement. Behind the text is a distinctive graphic sign in the form of a chevron, consisting of stripes of blue and blue. This chevron could symbolize forward movement and progress, aligning with the brand’s forward-thinking ethos.


Logo Haval

As a prominent Chinese automotive brand under Great Wall Motors, Haval specializes in producing SUVs, known for their blend of modern technology, safety features, and affordability, catering to a growing global market with a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. The Haval logo is composed of simple, metallic silver letters that spell out the brand’s name in a clean, modern sans-serif font. The use of silver suggests sophistication and high technology, aligning with Haval’s positioning as a manufacturer of premium SUVs that blend luxury with performance.


Logo Hayabusa

Known for the Suzuki Hayabusa, a high-performance motorcycle acclaimed for its speed and aerodynamics, this model has become a symbol of engineering excellence in the world of sports bikes, combining sleek design with advanced technology. The logo has an edgy and aggressive style. The brand name is rendered in an italicized and stylized font that suggests speed and motion, apt for a name associated with the swift bird of prey or a high-speed entity. The letters are black with sharp white edges, creating a striking visual contrast that adds to the logo’s dynamic quality. The text appears to have a motion blur or shadow effect, reinforcing the theme of velocity.


Logo Hawtai

Emerging from China’s competitive automotive landscape, Hawtai Motor Group has made significant strides in producing both diesel engines and passenger vehicles, marking its presence with a focus on eco-friendly technology and sustainable manufacturing practices. The logo is a modern and sleek design consisting of a stylized letter encapsulated within a circular frame. The letter, resembling a “U” has a three-dimensional appearance due to the shading and chrome effect. It sits at the center of the design, with its base resting snugly at the bottom of the circle, while the top of the letter reaches towards the upper limits of the frame. The circle itself is completely closed. The color scheme is monochromatic, primarily in shades of silver and gray, which gives the logo a metallic look associated with precision, modernity, and the high-tech nature of the industry it represents. The use of chrome and the three-dimensional effects add to the feeling of luxury and sophistication. The design is minimalistic yet impactful, with a focus on clean lines and the interplay of light and shadow to create depth.


Logo Healey

Famous for its production of the Austin-Healey sports cars, Healey has a rich heritage in automotive design, producing vehicles that blend classic British style with performance, making a lasting impact on the sports car market of the 20th century. The Healey logo features classic and distinctly British iconography, with the Union Jack flag positioned in a dynamic diagonal orientation, intersecting the bold capital letters of the brand name ‘HEALEY’. Above, the image of historic Warwick Castle gives the logo a sense of heritage and place, with the word “WARWICK” and the word “ENG” proudly displayed below the castle. for England, indicating the company’s proud British origins. The entire logo is framed by a shield-shaped badge, reinforcing the brand’s strength and tradition of automotive excellence.


Logo Heinkel

Heinkel’s legacy in aircraft manufacturing is legendary. After World War II, Heinkel pivoted to producing distinctive microcars, showcasing German engineering’s versatility in both aviation and automotive realms, marked by innovation and tenacity. The Heinkel emblem is distinctive, with its brand name in a robust serif type, featuring pronounced shadowing for a 3D effect. The “H” is particularly eye-catching, enlarged and with a wing-like extension, serving as a visual centerpiece. This element transitions from a deep to a lighter red, enhancing depth and vibrancy. The logo’s overall solidity and timelessness suggest a brand with a robust heritage and classic appeal.


Hennessey Logo

Hennessey Performance Engineering, an American enterprise, excels in enhancing sports and supercars, synonymous with extreme speed and power. The Hennessey emblem is contemporary and sleek, utilizing a monochrome palette to radiate elegance and refinement. The central “H” within a circle implies completeness and precision. “Performance” sits below, underscoring the brand’s commitment to high-caliber performance. The black backdrop and white text contrast sharply, with the red brand name adding vibrancy and zeal.

Hero MotoCorp

Logo Hero

Hero MotoCorp, formerly Hero Honda, is the world’s top two-wheeler manufacturer. Originating in India, Hero offers a wide array of motorcycles and scooters that marry affordability, reliability, and fuel efficiency, appealing to a global audience. The “Hero” logo, in a bold sans-serif font, is modern and approachable. The “H” transforms into a forward-pointing arrow, embodying progress and momentum. The brand name’s red hue symbolizes strength and energy, mirroring the brand’s dynamic and forward-thinking ethos.


Logo Hertz

Hertz, a car rental titan, operates in over 150 countries. It provides a diverse range of rental options for business and leisure, with a focus on customer service and industry innovation. The “Hertz” logo is straightforward, employing a bold sans-serif font. The name in black starkly contrasts with the white background, accented by a yellow line, evoking caution and alertness. This color scheme highlights the brand’s commitment to efficiency and attentive service.


Logo Heuliez

Specializing in car design and manufacturing, Heuliez, based in France, has made significant contributions to the automotive industry by producing unique coachworks and prototypes, known for combining innovative design with technical expertise. The “Heuliez” logo presents a circular design with a gradient blue background that transitions from a lighter to a darker shade from top to bottom, mimicking the horizon line. Inside the circle, a stylized white “H” dominates the space, with its vertical bars connected by a horizontal line that echoes the circular boundary. This logo is modern and minimalistic, with the blue conveying reliability and professionalism, while the white “H” stands for clarity and precision.


Logo Highland

Highland is a brand known for its specialized approach in vehicle manufacturing, focusing on niche markets and bespoke designs, their products exemplify craftsmanship and attention to detail, often catering to a discerning clientele looking for uniqueness and quality. The “Highland” logo is textual with each letter spaced evenly across a reflective metallic surface, which gives the logo a sleek and modern appearance. The reflection creates a sense of luxury and high-quality, suggesting the brand’s association with premium products or services. The use of a grayscale color palette adds to its sophistication and versatility.


Logo Hillman

Hillman, a prominent British car brand, earned its fame by producing a range of well-received vehicles throughout the 20th century. These cars, known for their practicality and cost-effectiveness, significantly contributed to making personal vehicles more accessible. The “Hillman” emblem mirrors a traditional car badge, incorporating a winged motif with a central escutcheon. This shield, in red, showcases the “Hillman” name in a serif typeface, set against a white backdrop with gold and black accents. The wings, detailed with intricate feather-like designs, symbolize liberty and swiftness. The overall vintage look of the logo reflects the company’s long-standing heritage in the automotive field.

Hindustan Motors

Logo Hindustan Motors

Hindustan Motors, a pioneer in India’s automotive industry, is celebrated for its iconic Ambassador car. This vehicle, synonymous with Indian car history, is noted for its sturdiness and simplicity, playing a key role in the nation’s transportation story. The “Hindustan Motors” logo is marked by a square blue base with three vertical white stripes. Within these stripes, dual yellow chevrons point inward, crafting a stylized “M” in the negative space. Below this design, the company name is displayed in a clear, sans-serif font. The logo’s blue hue suggests dependability and consistency, while the yellow infuses it with vibrancy and hope.


Logo Hino

Hino, under the Toyota Motor Corporation umbrella, specializes in producing commercial vehicles and diesel engines. Known for their long-lasting, reliable, and technologically advanced trucks and buses, Hino caters to a worldwide market. The “Hino” emblem is a metallic badge with a contemporary, industrial flair. It features two symmetrical, arched elements that abstractly form the letter “H.” This emblem shines with a three-dimensional metallic effect, reflecting strength and endurance. Beneath this figure, the brand’s name is presented in a strong, uppercase, sans-serif font, underscoring the company’s modern and resilient character.


Logo HiPhi

HiPhi, a division of Human Horizons, leads the premium electric vehicle sector, offering innovative and sustainable transportation solutions. HiPhi distinguishes itself by integrating advanced technology and artificial intelligence into its luxury electric vehicles, transforming the human-vehicle interaction. The “HiPhi” emblem embodies this ethos with a minimalist, modern design. It presents the brand name in a symmetrical typeface, centering around the “i” to achieve a balanced look. The logo’s simplicity, utilizing solely black, imparts a sleek, high-tech aura, aligning with the brand’s focus on innovation and futuristic technologies.

Hofstetter Turbo

Logo Hofstetter Turbo

Hofstetter Turbo, a specialized automotive brand, stands out for its unique car design and engineering contributions, particularly its innovative turbocharged vehicles that blend performance with efficiency, a testament to Swiss precision and creativity. The “Hofstetter Turbo” logo centers around a prominent “H” within a rectangular frame, symbolizing strength and solidity with its capitalized, sans-serif typography. The angular design of the “H” reflects a commitment to precision and advanced engineering. The logo’s monochromatic color scheme suggests a timeless, classic branding approach.


Logo Holden

Holden, a celebrated Australian car brand, played a pivotal role in the nation’s automotive industry until its closure in 2020. It was known for producing vehicles suitable for both urban and rugged Australian landscapes, embodying national pride and engineering excellence. The “Holden” logo features a red circular badge, showcasing a stylized roaring lion in white and silver, bordered by a red ring, signifying the brand’s strength and pride. The brand name, displayed in a bold, sans-serif font below the emblem, articulates a modern and direct brand identity.

Holland Car

Logo Holland Car

Holland Car, Ethiopia’s pioneering car manufacturer, represents a major stride in the nation’s industrial landscape. It offered a selection of locally assembled vehicles, showcasing the fusion of Ethiopian tenacity with technological progress in the African automotive arena. The latest emblem features an artistic “Hc” monogram set against a circular black backdrop. The “H” and “c” are seamlessly intertwined in silver, offering a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. The circular form hints at wholeness and unity, while the monochromatic scheme exudes sophistication and class, aligning with a brand committed to precision and superior quality.


Logo Honda

Honda, a leading name in the global automotive and motorcycle sectors, is celebrated for its extensive array of vehicles, motorcycles, and engines. These products are acclaimed for their dependability, innovative design, and eco-friendliness, significantly contributing to the evolution of global mobility. The “Honda” emblem is a timeless symbol in the vehicle industry, characterized by a robust, chrome “H” enclosed within a square-edged oval, also in a reflective chrome finish. This design symbolizes sturdiness and modernity, mirroring Honda‘s reputation for dependable and cutting-edge engineering. The company’s name is displayed beneath the emblem in a vivid, bold red font, creating an eye-catching contrast with the silver logo.


Logo HongQi

HongQi, operating under China’s FAW Group, is a marque celebrated for its luxurious vehicles, embodying elegance and cutting-edge technology, and stands as a symbol of prestige and innovation in China’s automotive sector. The “HongQi” logo, translating to “Red Flag” in Chinese, features a stylized, vertical, wing-like motif in red, set against a black, shield-shaped backdrop with a grid overlay. This design, reminiscent of a flame, represents power and opulence, echoing the brand’s high-end vehicle production. Red’s significance in the logo is profound, resonating with happiness and good fortune in Chinese culture, apt for the brand’s luxury identity.


Logo Horch

Horch, an esteemed German car maker from the early 20th century, was notable for its luxurious and technically advanced vehicles, significantly influencing Germany’s automotive evolution and shaping modern car design and engineering. The inaugural “Horch” logo displays a prominent upright “H” at its center, topped with an arch containing the brand name. This arch emulates classical architectural elements, synonymous with strength and sturdiness. The logo’s black and white color scheme imparts a sense of timeless sophistication and simplicity, reflecting the brand’s historical significance in the automobile world.


Logo Horki

Horki, a branch of Dongfeng Yueda Kia, has made its mark in the Chinese automotive market. This brand is renowned for its range of affordable, efficient vehicles, focusing on the domestic market with a keen eye on sustainability. The “Horki” logo features a symmetrically stylized emblem resembling an abstract butterfly, symbolizing transformation and growth. Encased within an oval, the emblem represents completeness and continuity. Rendered in chrome, the logo communicates a sense of modernity and technological progress. Below the emblem, the brand’s name is inscribed in Chinese characters, highlighting its strong cultural and geographical roots.


Logo Hotchkiss

Hotchkiss, a distinguished French automobile and arms manufacturer from the late 19th century, has a storied presence in the automotive world with its luxury cars and military vehicles, embodying a tradition of innovation and quality in European manufacturing. The Hotchkiss logo is a testament to this rich history, featuring a regal, classical design reminiscent of early automotive insignias. Central to the design are two crossed cannons, paying homage to the company’s arms manufacturing origins and symbolizing strength and resilience. These cannons sit within a circular frame, emphasizing their significance. A belt-like ring encircles this central motif, inscribed with “HOTCHKISS PARIS,” firmly establishing the brand’s French legacy. Above this ring is a crown-like figure, adding a touch of nobility and distinction. The logo’s metallic finish underscores a commitment to quality and longevity. Set against a dark, possibly navy blue backdrop, the design elements stand out, making a bold visual statement. This emblem represents not just the brand’s identity but its legacy of precision, excellence, and enduring commitment to quality.


Logo HRG

HRG Engineering Company, known for its production of sports cars in Britain from the 1930s to the 1950s, earned a reputation for crafting high-performance vehicles that combined traditional design with reliability and excellence in engineering, appealing to enthusiasts of classic sports cars. The “HRG” logo has a distinct art deco influence, with bold, streamlined letters placed within an octagonal border featuring alternating dark and light segments. The design is reminiscent of early 20th-century industrial art and architecture, suggesting the brand’s vintage and classic allure.

HSV (Holden Special Vehicles)

Logo HSV

As the performance vehicle partner of Holden, Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) specializes in modifying and enhancing Holden models, delivering high-performance and luxury vehicles that reflect a blend of Australian automotive culture and engineering prowess. the “HSV” (Holden Special Vehicles) logo presents a modern design with a metallic finish. It features the brand initials “HSV” in a sleek, sans-serif typeface. At the center is a circular badge containing a stylized lion’s head within a red ring, symbolizing strength and performance, which are key attributes of the brand’s high-performance vehicles.

HTT Plethore

Logo HTT Plethore

HTT Technologies, a Canadian automotive company, made its mark with the HTT Plethore, the country’s first supercar, known for its distinctive design, powerful performance, and the use of advanced materials, showcasing Canada’s potential in high-end automotive engineering. The “HTT Plethore” logo showcases a stylized gearshift lever rising above a black and silver shield, which is bisected by a horizontal line with the brand name “HTT” in bold, capital letters. The gearshift lever symbolizes control and performance, aligning with the brand’s focus on automobile performance. The use of black and silver gives the logo a sleek and high-tech appearance.


Logo Huali

Huali, a subsidiary of FAW Group, has established its presence in the Chinese automotive market, known for producing a range of small cars and light vehicles, focusing on affordability and practicality, catering to the growing demands of China’s urban population. The logo for “Huali” displays a monogram of the letters “H” and “L” interlaced within a circular crest, accompanied by the brand name in bold red letters and Chinese characters. The monogram is stylized with a traditional seal-like design, which may evoke a sense of heritage and authenticity, while the red color commonly represents good luck, happiness, and prosperity in Chinese culture.


Logo Huayang

As an automotive brand in China, Huayang has carved a niche in the market with its range of electric vehicles, focusing on eco-friendly transportation solutions and embracing the shift towards sustainable mobility in the rapidly evolving automotive industry. The “Huayang” logo features an abstract, circular symbol composed of swirls that might represent motion or the automotive industry’s dynamism. The brand name is spelled out in a modern sans-serif typeface, suggesting a contemporary and forward-thinking company. The red color of the emblem adds a vibrant, energetic touch to the overall design.


Logo Hudson

The Hudson Motor Car Company carved a niche in the American automotive market in the early to mid-20th century, celebrated for pioneering design and robust engines. Its contributions to the industry were notable, particularly with the Hudson Hornet model, which seamlessly blended elegance with power. The “Hudson” insignia is a nod to classic emblems, featuring a shield with a sharpened base. Within this shield, a bold, geometric “V” rises against a crimson field, bordered by stylized depictions of maritime vessels. The brand’s name, “HUDSON,” is bisected and positioned on either side of the “V,” within the shield. The emblem’s red hue, coupled with the nautical imagery, may hint at the brand’s legacy of discovery and adventure.


Logo Humber

Humber, an esteemed British automotive marque of the late 19th and 20th centuries, is distinguished by its luxurious vehicles and military transport, epitomizing British artisanship and vehicular innovation. The “Humber” badge brandishes a robust, serif font that articulates the marque, paired with a circular crest. Within this crest, a stylized “H” intersects with an oblique bar, yielding a design that is both lively and symmetrical. The navy blue and gold color scheme evokes a sense of grandeur and excellence, reflecting the brand’s storied history of crafting dependable, high-quality vehicles.


Logo Hurtan

Hurtan, an exclusive Spanish carmaker, excels in creating handcrafted, retro-inspired vehicles that seamlessly blend classical aesthetics with contemporary technology. These bespoke cars cater to those who value a harmonious mix of historical charm and modern functionality in their automobiles. The “Hurtan” emblem is a typographic marvel, featuring the brand’s name in a sleek, modern sans-serif font. The design of the letters is particularly notable, with the “H” and “N” artistically extending beyond the standard baseline, lending the logo a unique and stylized character. This minimalist approach reflects Hurtan’s dedication to modern elegance and sophistication in its car designs.


Logo Hurtu

Hurtu emerged as an innovator in the French automotive industry, having been founded in the twilight of the 19th century. Initially carving its niche in the production of sewing machines and bicycles, the transition of Hurtu into the realm of automotive manufacturing marks an impressive narrative of industrial transformation and creativity. The emblem of Hurtu is steeped in antiquity, capturing its rich lineage through its design. Bold, serifed capitals spell out “HURTU,” set against a backdrop of majestic cobalt blue, a color synonymous with dependability and assurance. A luxurious golden trim with intricately scalloped edges frames the brand name, lending the logo a distinguished and cultured demeanor. This golden accent not only speaks of opulence but also forms a noble contrast with the blue, weaving a visual narrative that harks back to the brand’s illustrious heritage and its dedication to artisanship. The emblem’s border is a tapestry of fine lines and ornamental details, a testament to Hurtu’s allegiance to tailored, artisanal quality, targeting connoisseurs of a seamless melding of time-honored craftsmanship with timeless sophistication.


Logo Hyundai

Hyundai stands as a titan in the international automotive arena, rooted in South Korea. The brand is acclaimed for its broad spectrum of automobiles, marrying progressive design, state-of-the-art technology, and unwavering reliability. With an eye on the future, Hyundai is at the forefront of developing environmentally-friendly vehicle solutions, striving to cater to the eclectic needs of a global audience. The emblem of Hyundai is a bold statement, with the company’s moniker rendered in a pronounced, italicized sans-serif type, accompanied by a symbol on the left that portrays a stylized “H” within an oval. This “H” is emblematic of a mutual handshake, reflecting Hyundai’s dedication to fostering customer trust and satisfaction. The use of blue in the logo is emblematic of the brand’s deep commitment to stability and innovation, underpinning Hyundai’s foundational values of steadfastness and pioneering progression.