Car Logos With Horse

Car Logos With Horse

In the realm of automotive branding, the horse emerges as a powerful symbol, transcending mere representation to embody the spirit of speed, strength, and elegance. This article explores the fascinating intersection where equine grace meets automotive excellence, through the lens of car logos featuring the horse. These emblems are more than just visual identifiers; they are storied icons that echo the values, heritage, and aspirations of the brands they represent.

Moreover, these logos, with their varied designs and unique backstories, converge on a common theme: the horse as a metaphor for unmatched power, grace, and agility.  We explore how they have become more than just symbols of luxury and performance; they are emblems of a legacy, capturing the essence of the brands’ journey and their vision for the future.

As we journey through these emblems, we also examine the cultural and historical significance of horses in society, and how this has influenced their adoption in automotive logos. From mythological tales to historical figures known for their equine companions, the horse has always been a symbol of something greater than itself – a fact that these automotive brands have artfully harnessed in their logos.

Asquith Motors

Logo Asquith Motors

Asquith Motors stands as a distinguished British fabricator of commercial vehicles, noted for their bespoke handcrafted replicas, with roots tracing back to 1981 in Braintree, Essex, under the visionary Bruce West. The Asquith insignia is graced by a regal equine figure in profile, poised atop the marque’s appellation. Nestled within a sophisticated oval frame accented by a twin border, the horse’s posture embodies elegance and vigor. The name “Asquith” unfurls below in an ornate, script-type flourish, set upon a verdant pennant that waves subtly, injecting vivacity into the motif. The emblem’s verdure denotes burgeoning prospects, vitality, and the company’s devotion to its storied past, radiating the enduring allure of Asquith’s legacy.


Logo Bajoun

Baojun, an innovative automobile company originating from China, is a product of a collaborative venture involving General Motors, SAIC Motor, and the SAIC-GM-Wuling alliance. This brand showcases a logo inspired by the figure of a horse, designed using geometric sophistication to reflect both elegance and dynamism. The emblem features an artistic rendition of a horse’s head, encased within a shield-like frame. It boasts a metallic, chrome-like appearance, symbolizing both modernity and refinement. The design of the horse’s head is created using smooth, flowing lines that abstractly depict the creature’s facial features, with a pronounced mane that appears to sweep back, suggesting rapid movement. Surrounding the horse’s image, the shield-shaped border adds a touch of majesty and resilience, reminiscent of classical heraldic symbols. This emblem embodies the essence of power, grace, and swiftness – traits typically linked to horses – and implicitly reflects these qualities in Baojun’s identity. The logo’s use of silver hues and its streamlined yet dynamic depiction of the horse’s head effectively communicate a sense of advanced sophistication and forward-thinking design.


Logo Carlsson

Carlsson, hailing from Germany and a purveyor of Mercedes-Benz customization, was conceived by the Hartge siblings in 1989. Its emblem portrays a spirited stallion in full stride, its flowing mane and tail a metaphor for velocity and liberation. The silhouette, delineated with sleek finesse, captures the essence of movement and automotive excellence. Below, “Carlsson” is emblazoned in a robust, sans-serif font, balancing the dynamic above with an impression of steadfastness and trust. The logo’s monochrome palette articulates a timeless sophistication, underscoring Carlsson’s commitment to superlative automotive refinement.

Corre La Licorne

Logo Corre La Licorne

Originating from Paris, the venerated Corre La Licorne, established by Jean-Marie Corre, crafted automobiles until the mid-20th century. Its emblem, a noble unicorn poised in ascent, is the centerpiece of a rich, crimson disc, edged with an intricate pattern. The legendary beast’s form, accentuated in a sculptural relief, imparts a tactile quality. Encircled by a pristine border, the name “LA LICORNE” is proudly displayed, punctuated by fleur-de-lis motifs and ornamental dots, channeling the brand’s royal lineage and French roots. This badge, rich in allegory, evokes the unique, mystical charm intrinsic to the fabled unicorn, symbolizing the marque’s distinct and storied history.

Eicher Motors

Logo Eicher Motors

Eicher Motors stands as a beacon of Indian automotive excellence, crafting not only robust motorcycles but also resilient commercial vehicles. It serves as the umbrella entity for the esteemed Royal Enfield brand. Its emblem, a sleek equine profile set against a crimson sphere, streaked with lines suggesting velocity, encapsulates Eicher’s allegiance to rapidity, potency, and resilience. The brand’s moniker is emblazoned beneath the icon in austere, uppercase, slate-hued typography, broadcasting an air of fortitude and steadfastness. The vibrant red and sober grey hues intertwine to underscore Eicher’s fervor and meticulously crafted superiority within the realm of vehicular engineering.


Logo Ferrari

Ferrari S.p.A. epitomizes Italian automotive opulence, originating from the heart of Maranello, Italy, and traces its lineage back to the visionary Enzo Ferrari in 1939. Its emblem, a rearing ebony horse against a sunlit backdrop, is a tapestry of luxury and performance, embodying vigor and a storied race lineage. Italian patriotism radiates in the tricolor crest aloft, while the stallion pays tribute to a valiant aviator, symbolizing fortuity. “Ferrari” stands in stentorian black script below, echoing the grandeur associated with the marque.

Ford Mustang

Logo Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang series, an American automotive legacy birthed by Ford, boasts a production saga spanning over half a century, now cruising in its seventh era. Its symbol, a stark yet evocative black stallion in stride, encapsulates the raw essence of the Mustang’s vigor and autonomy. The spirited steed, captured in minimalist brushstrokes, evokes the untamed spirit and potency intrinsic to the Mustang’s heritage. This emblem, a herald of American muscle, resonates as an emblem of the Mustang’s lasting imprint and exhilarating vehicular saga.

Hanteng Autos

Logo Hanteng Autos

Hanteng Autos, an emergent force in the Chinese automotive sector, engages in the crafting of conventional and new energy vehicles. Its insignia portrays a sterling steed ascending boldly against a crimson canvas graced with an intricate pattern, honoring its Sino heritage. The poised equine form, encased in a modern metallic ellipse, stands as a testament to the brand’s ambition and refinement, heralding a legacy melded with innovation. Hanteng’s badge, a fusion of ancestry and contemporary prowess, signals the firm’s dedication to pioneering within the international auto sphere.


Logo Kamaz

Renowned for its robust heavy-duty trucks, Kamaz, a Russian truck manufacturer, has been a dominant force in the Dakar Rally, showcasing its engineering prowess and durability in extreme conditions. The logo of the Kamaz brand features a bold, blue silhouette of a winged horse ascending powerfully, symbolizing the brand’s dynamism and strength. This Pegasus figure embodies speed and the ability to transcend traditional limits, aligning with Kamaz’s reputation for heavy-duty trucks capable of conquering challenging terrains. Below the mythical creature, the brand name “KAMAZ” is presented in capital letters, asserting a confident and assertive presence, reflective of the company’s authoritative status in the automotive industry. The use of blue signifies depth, expertise, and reliability, core attributes of the Kamaz brand.


Logo Khodro

Iran Khodro, also known as IKCO, stands as the largest car manufacturer in the Middle East, renowned for producing a range of vehicles including the Peugeot-derived Samand, symbolizing Iran’s automotive industrial capabilities. The logo of the brand Iran Khodro, often abbreviated as IKCO, displays the profile of a horse’s head within a shield, rendered in shades of blue, conveying reliability and excellence. The horse, a symbol of nobility and speed, is stylized with smooth, flowing lines, reflecting the brand’s blend of elegance and dynamic performance. Encased in a protective shield, the emblem emphasizes safety and durability. Below the shield, “IKCO” is prominently displayed in bold blue letters, underscoring the company’s identity as a leading automobile manufacturer in Iran. The logo’s use of blue signifies trust, wisdom, and confidence, aligning with IKCO’s reputation in the automotive industry.


Logo Pegaso

Pegaso, a historic Spanish brand, is celebrated for its remarkable Z-102 sports car and diverse commercial vehicles, reflecting Spain’s post-war industrial ambitions and engineering innovation in the mid-20th century. The logo of the brand features a black silhouette of a rearing horse encircled by a thin oval line, creating a striking contrast. The horse, with its mane flowing back as if caught in a swift breeze, stands tall and proud, embodying the spirit of freedom and power. This emblem is a representation of the brand’s commitment to strength and elegance within its field, evoking a sense of motion and grace that is closely associated with the majestic animal itself.


Logo Porsche

Porsche, a German automotive icon, is synonymous with high-performance sports cars, SUVs, and sedans, blending luxury, technology, and race-bred performance, epitomized by its legendary 911 model. The logo of the Porsche brand is a sophisticated emblem that merges heritage and high performance, featuring a black horse on its hind legs set against a golden background, symbolizing the city of Stuttgart’s equestrian roots. The horse is centered within a shield, which is quartered with red and black stripes and antler patterns, indicative of the state of Württemberg’s coat of arms. The word “STUTTGART” is written above the horse, anchoring the logo with a sense of origin. The shield is encased in a gold border with the bold “PORSCHE” lettering at the top, representing the brand’s premium appeal and its synonymous relationship with automotive excellence.