Car Logos with Lion

Car Logos with Lion

In the vast panorama of the automotive industry, the lion stands as a distinguished symbol, featuring prominently in the emblems of several esteemed car manufacturers. This majestic beast, with its regal bearing and commanding presence, is not merely an artistic choice, it is a deliberate emblematic representation of strength, agility, and nobility. Such values are keenly sought after in the vehicles that grace our roads, embodying the spirit of their makers and the aspirations of their drivers.

From the early days of motoring history to the sleek, precision-engineered machines of today, the lion has been a constant companion, a totem that speaks of the relentless pursuit of excellence and the unyielding power under the hood. It is an icon that crosses borders, resonating with customers from the sun-kissed coasts of France to the bustling cities of Malaysia, the wide-open landscapes of Australia, and beyond.

The use of the lion in automotive logos is a narrative of legacy, a story woven into the very fabric of each brand it represents. It conveys a promise of performance and hints at the heritage of the companies whose badges it adorns. Through the lion, these manufacturers speak of their commitment to innovation while paying homage to their storied pasts. In this article, we delve into the essence of these emblems, exploring the symbolism of the lion and the enduring allure it holds in the automobile industry.


Logo Holden

Once a beacon of the Australian automotive landscape, the company emerged from Australia, capturing hearts with its durable and powerful vehicles. Its cessation of vehicle manufacturing in 2017 marked the end of an era, but the legacy of iconic models like the Commodore endures, symbolizing a significant chapter in Australia’s automotive history. Their emblem, a lion’s silhouette encircled by an oval, roars with life. Its design, embodies movement and vigor, signifying Holden’s commitment to dynamic automotive design and its deep Australian roots.


Logo Peugeot

Hailing from France, this brand boasts a legacy that stretches back to 1810, originally focusing on coffee mills and bicycles before venturing into the automobile industry in 1889. Known for its innovative engineering and stylish designs, it stands at the forefront of automotive technology, blending elegance, dependability, and performance in its vehicles. Their logo features a lion’s head set against a shield, a striking image in black and white. It conveys strength with its fluid mane, offering an elegant simplicity that speaks to the brand’s enduring style and superior performance.


Logo Proton

This Malaysian automotive giant took the Southeast Asian market by storm since its inception in 1983, offering affordable and dependable vehicles. The Proton Saga, its first offering, became a national sensation, paving the way for the brand’s global expansion and reinforcing its reputation for delivering excellent value. Their logo, a metallic tiger’s head within an oval, radiates elegance and strength. The upward gaze of the tiger reflects ambition and progress, echoing Proton’s forward-looking vision in the automotive field.


Logo Roewe

Born from the acquisition of British carmaker MG Rover’s assets by SAIC Motor in 2006, this Chinese brand exemplifies the ambitious spirit of China’s automotive industry. It offers luxury vehicles that marry sophisticated British designs with cutting-edge Chinese engineering, appealing to those seeking luxury and innovation without the premium price tag. Its emblem, a monogrammed shield edged in royal blue and adorned with griffins, merges tradition with modernity. The brand’s emblem weaves ornate designs, suggesting a harmonious blend of historical elegance and innovative design.


Logo MAN

Originating in Germany in 1758, this engineering behemoth is renowned for its commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses, celebrated worldwide for their robustness, efficiency, and technological advancements. With a focus on sustainability, MAN leads in developing electric and hybrid vehicles, highlighting its commitment to eco-friendly transportation solutions. Its logo features bold, uppercase letters arched over a minimalist lion in stride, symbolizing both progress and might. The design’s simplicity echoes the brand’s robust industrial roots and its commitment to heavy machinery.



Specializing in armored vehicles, this Canadian firm established in 1996, excels in creating secure and protective transportation solutions for civilian and military use. Its product range includes armored cars, SUVs, limousines, and cash-in-transit vehicles, all designed to offer unmatched safety and security in challenging environments. Its logo, a winged lion armed with a spear, portrays a guardian in profile, communicating both strength and defense. Angular and assertive, the lion within a shield underscores INKAS’s dedication to fortified vehicle solutions.