Cars Brands that Start With K

Cars Brands that start with K

In the kaleidoscope of automotive emblems, those that begin with the letter “K” present a fascinating spectrum of history, design, and symbolism. Each logo, a visual haiku, encapsulates the ethos of the brand it adorns. From the kinetic energy encapsulated in the Koenigsegg shield to the robustness implied by the Kenworth badge, these symbols are not just marketing tools; they are the distilled essence of corporate identity and philosophy.

As we embark on this exploration, we delve into the stories that these icons tell — tales of innovation, resilience, craftsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. The “K” may be just the eleventh letter of the alphabet, but in the realm of automobiles, it marks the beginning of names that have etched their presence on the tarmac of history. These are marques that have transcended their geographical origins to become global beacons of excellence in engineering and design.

The automotive logos beginning with “K” represent a diverse lineage: some herald from the cobblestone streets of old European towns, others from the spirited heart of America, and still others from the dynamic economies of Asia. They share a common thread of striving to create machines that aren’t just a means of transportation but are a statement of intent, a promise of adventure, and a masterpiece of the art of the automobile.

Join us as we cruise through the contours of these emblems, exploring the artistic and cultural significances etched into their designs. We will discover how these logos have evolved over time, adapting to new eras while holding onto the core values that drive these brands forward. From the traditional to the contemporary, from the obscure to the iconic, the “K” in the automotive industry is a harbinger of fascinating stories waiting to be told.


Logo Kaditcha

Delving into the realm of automotive emblems that begin with “K,” we uncover a tapestry of innovative design and engineering prowess. At the forefront of this assemblage is Kaditcha, whose logo—a stark, spherical insignia etched in monochrome—hints at the company’s mastery of crafting specialized machinery. The raised lettering, etched on the emblem’s surface, whispers of an era where the fusion of grace and resilience spoke volumes, a true testament to Kaditcha’s enduring legacy in industrial design.


Logo Kaipan

In contrast, Kaipan’s logo radiates with the warmth of a sunlit gold, its dual incomplete circles dancing around each other, capturing the essence of perpetual motion and the thrill of driving. The brand commits to not just manufacturing vehicles but sculpting high-performance art on wheels. This emblem, embodying both the energy of creation and the boundlessness of innovation, reflects Kaipan’s dedication to handcrafting not just cars, but experiences.


Logo Kaiser

From the fertile grounds of innovation within the American automotive industry sprouted the iconic Kaiser. Their badge, a shield graced with the robust silhouette of a bison, stands as a testament to the brand’s historical significance and its commitment to producing vehicles that are both stylish and pioneering. The Kaiser emblem, nestled within a protective shield, speaks of a lineage fortified by strength and an unwavering presence in the automotive narrative.


Logo Kamaz

Traversing the rugged terrains of Russia, Kamaz presents an emblem that is a bold declaration of its dominance in the heavy-duty truck segment. The swift equine silhouette set against the company’s name epitomizes the brand’s swift response and enduring strength. Kamaz’s logo, a vivid blue against a white background, encapsulates the essence of a company that constructs vehicles capable of thriving in the harshest environments, a nod to the indomitable spirit that propels Kamaz forward.


Logo Kantanka

Kantanka, a beacon of ingenuity in the African vehicle landscape, crafts cars in harmony with local terrains and lifestyles. Its emblem, a gleaming silver star nestled within a circle and underscored by the firm’s full title, stands as a hallmark of exceptionalism and contemporary elegance. The lustrous emblem of Kantanka, like a northern star, guides the brand in its quest to navigate the evolving needs of its market with vehicles that combine functionality with a touch of class.

Karlmann King

Logo Karlmann King

The Karlmann King emblem is nothing short of a heraldic masterpiece, a blend of regal and adventurous motifs enclosed in a protective shield. This badge is a testament to the brand’s commitment to crafting vehicles that are not merely modes of transport but rather rolling empires of luxury. With every line and curve, the Karlmann King logo narrates a story of opulence and sovereign craftsmanship, marking the brand as a purveyor of some of the most lavishly designed SUVs in the world.

Karma Automotive

Logo Karma Automotive

At the vanguard of the electric revolution stands Karma Automotive, a torchbearer of sustainable luxury. Its emblem: a sleek wordmark accompanied by an azure orb encircled by a sleek metallic halo. This motif is not just a brand identifier but a symbol of Karma Automotive’s pledge to pioneer a future where technology, sustainability, and luxury converge.


Logo Karmann

Karmann’s storied badge, with its triad of stars crowning a wheel, captures the essence of its renowned contributions to the car manufacturing sector. The shield, with its bold lettering and automotive symbolism, speaks to Karmann’s storied past and ongoing legacy of excellence. This logo doesn’t just mark a vehicle; it signifies a tradition of collaboration and innovation that Karmann has upheld throughout its history.


Logo Keating
In the pantheon of high-octane excellence, Keating stands as a paragon of vehicular velocity, melding state-of-the-art engineering with a zeal for raw horsepower. Its shielded emblem, emblazoned with “KEATING SUPERCARS” atop a crimson field dotted progressively towards speed, hints at the aerodynamic marvels that define their fleet. Encased in a metallic contour, the logo broadcasts a fusion of luxury and futuristic vision.


Logo Keinath

Where the winds of performance and personalized design converge, Keinath holds its ground. The emblem, with wings unfurled and a burst of starry dynamism, frames “KEINATH GT” in a typeface that speaks to the soul of classic car aficionados. The fiery backdrop underscores a legacy woven with speed and time-honored elegance, a signature of Keinath’s bespoke automotive creations.


Logo Keller

Keller, a marque that might whisper rather than shout, has etched its presence in the annals of motoring with a focus on the essentials. Its logo, with the name “KELLER” sculpted in arresting red and given depth to stand out, evokes a sense of robust reliability. The color red not only captures the spirit of passion and vigor but also subtly nods to the potential swiftness embodied in Keller’s practical vehicular offerings.

Logo Kenworth

Forging ahead in the realm of endurance and power, Kenworth’s badge is an ode to the fortitude of its workhorse fleet. The “KW” insignia set within a keyhole symbolizes an open gateway to endless possibilities on the open road. With striking red and white hues, the logo encapsulates a commitment to strength, precision, and a steadfast promise of trust—a testament to the Kenworth philosophy of building trucks that are built to last.

Kia Motors Corporation

Logo Kia Motors Corporation

Kia Motors Corporation, a titan in the realm of automaking, has solidified its stature with a diverse portfolio that spans economical to groundbreaking vehicles, reaching a vast global clientele. Its emblem, a bold “KIA” set in 3D block typography, exudes a contemporary flair and geometric symmetry, mirroring the company’s commitment to precision and innovation. This logo is not just a nameplate but a visual ambassador for Kia’s forward-looking ethos in the automotive arena.


Logo Kieft

Kieft, a name that resounds through the corridors of racing history, holds its fame for crafting vehicles that graced the tracks with competitive zeal. The shield logo, adorned with a fierce red dragon, encapsulates a legacy of vigor and mythic resilience, while the “KIEFT” inscription, set within a diamond, heralds the brand’s British or Welsh lineage. The emblem stands as a heraldic tribute to Kieft’s contributions to the high-speed chases of auto racing.

King Long

Logo King

In the sector of specialized transit, King emerges with a focus on manufacturing buses and coaches that embody reliability and passenger comfort. The “KING LONG” branding, positioned below an emblematic arrow within a circle, articulates a trajectory of continuous advancement and sustained excellence. King’s logo signifies a commitment to not just travel, but a journey marked by growth and enduring service.

Logo Kish Khodro

From the heart of Iran, Kish Khodro makes its mark by aligning its automotive creations with the localized needs and predilections of its market. The brand’s insignia, featuring the sleek “KISH KHODRO” beneath a stylized emblem in silver, radiates with the essence of dynamism and modernity. The chrome finish of the logo reflects Kish Khodro’s alignment with contemporary innovation and its ambition to propel the Iranian automotive industry into the future.


Logo Kissel

Kissel, once a luminary in America’s roaring automotive scene, offered a collection of vehicles that epitomized luxury and performance, such as the illustrious Gold Bug. Its emblem, a medallion rich with raised characters and a dynamic central figure, harks back to a bygone era of elegance and innovation. The radial backdrop and bold “Kissel” text artfully combine to evoke a sense of movement and the avant-garde spirit that propelled the brand into the annals of car history.


Logo Kleinschnittger

In the aftermath of World War II, Kleinschnittger emerged with an automobile that captured the zeitgeist of its time — the F125, a paragon of minimalism and efficiency. Its emblem is a circle of text framing a scarlet oval that houses the silhouette of its signature vehicle, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to simplicity and functional design. The vivid red and the dynamic depiction of the car in the logo reflect the essence of Kleinschnittger’s automotive philosophy.


Logo Knox

Knox, a trailblazer of its era, forged a reputation with its sturdy, air-cooled engines, earning a spot in the pantheon of early American automotive innovation. Its signature logo features a script in full stride, mirroring the brand’s emphasis on reliability and mechanical prowess. The forward-leaning typography suggests velocity and endurance, core attributes of Knox’s esteemed trucks and service vehicles.



Logo Koenigsegg

At the zenith of automotive excellence stands Koenigsegg, a marque synonymous with the extremities of performance and luxury in supercars. Its crest, a mosaic of red and gold diamonds beneath a regal blue apex adorned with a coronet, encapsulates the opulence and cutting-edge innovation the brand is celebrated for. This emblem, crowned with the boldface of “Koenigsegg,” is not merely a badge but a statement of unrivaled craftsmanship and Swedish legacy.

Koenig Specials
Logo Koenig Specials

Koenig Specials, an exemplar in the niche of high-end automotive enhancements, has etched its name in the annals of car tuning by redefining the limits of luxury cars, morphing them into icons of performance and stylistic prowess. Its emblem is a testament to this transformational spirit, with “Koenig Specials” rendered in bold, decisive typography that captures the company’s fusion of elegance and augmented performance. The stark, monolithic characters of the logo stand as a visual manifesto of the brand’s commitment to power, precision, and contemporary flair.


Logo Korvensuu

Korvensuu, a name that resonates with Finnish automotive heritage, stands as a tribute to a lineage of mobility that spans from two-wheeled ventures to innovative automobiles. The emblem, a gear encircled by Cyrillic script, suggests a mastery over the intricate dance of mechanics and motion, a signature of Korvensuu’s contribution to the engineering domain. This logo is a nod to the brand’s legacy of integrating local craftsmanship with the mechanics of movement.


Logo KTM

KTM’s legacy, born on rugged trails and dirt tracks, has transcended into the realm of asphalt, claiming its stake with the likes of the X-Bow, a testament to agility and lightweight engineering. Its logo, a dynamic interplay of sharp lines forming the acronym “KTM,” embodies the essence of velocity and the brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation. Each angle and vertex in the KTM insignia speaks of a legacy rooted in the adrenaline of off-road mastery, now translated into the sleek lines of its sports cars.