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Casio is a brand synonymous with innovation in electronics. Tadao Kashio, an engineer, founded it in Tokyo, Japan. Initially, the focus was on creating calculators, a revolutionary tool for businesses and individuals alike. Casio’s journey began with the desire to bring efficiency to everyday tasks through technology.

Meaning and history

Casio Logo history

Casio entered the scene in April 1946. It revolutionized the way we perform calculations with the introduction of the world’s first compact electric calculator in 1957. The brand didn’t stop there, it continued to innovate. In the 1980s, Casio expanded its portfolio by launching its first electronic keyboard. The year 1974 marked another milestone with the introduction of Casio’s first wristwatch, blending timekeeping with the digital technology of the era. Over the years, Casio has been at the forefront of electronic innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in consumer electronics.

What is Casio?
Casio stands as a pillar of electronic innovation, widely recognized for its calculators, watches, and musical instruments. The brand epitomizes the fusion of durability, technology, and utility, making its products indispensable for a wide range of users. Casio continues to charm the world with its commitment to pioneering developments in the electronics industry.

1957 – 1972

Casio 1957

The Casio logo exudes boldness and clarity. Stark black lettering dominates, conveying strength and reliability. Each character stands with purpose, the font’s sans-serif simplicity suggesting modern efficiency. This typographic choice hints at Casio’s innovative spirit. The overall design encapsulates the essence of a brand at the intersection of tradition and technological advancement. It’s a study in minimalist design, where less speaks volumes about precision and quality.

1972 – Today

Casio Logo

The Casio logo now beams in a robust royal blue, a color that speaks of trust and depth. This vibrant hue suggests precision, a hallmark of the brand’s products. The font remains sans-serif, promoting legibility and a timeless aesthetic. Each letter stands with confidence, forming a harmonious blend of straight lines and gentle curves. This color shift from black to blue introduces a new layer of visual appeal, resonating with a sense of innovation and excellence. The logo’s simplicity still captures the brand’s commitment to functionality and design. It’s a fresh yet familiar face for Casio, reflecting its enduring presence in the tech world.