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J.P. Morgan Chase & Co is one of the world’s largest financial institutions serving clients in the United States and around the world. Representative offices of the company exist in more than 60 countries and provide their clients with a full range of financial services. The company is the market leader in investment banking, its services are used by both private consumers and corporations, government organizations.

Meaning and History

Chase Logo history

The founder of the JP Morgan Chase empire was John Pierpont Morgan, who is still an example of a man who impressively realized his own dream and played an important role in the history of the US. JP Morgan Chase was formed in 2000 as a result of the merger of two well-known banking structures – Chase Manhattan Corporation and J. R. Morgan & Co. At the time of the merger, each of them had a rich history of mergers and acquisitions.

What is Chase?

JP Morgan Chase is one of the most famous financial institutions in America. The headquarters is in New York City. J.P. Morgan Chase keeps up with all modern trends, regularly expands the boundaries of innovation, improves its growth and development.

1799 – 1877

Chase Logo 1799

The original logo of Chase bank, which was called Bank of the Manhattan Company back then, was detailed and complicated in design. At the very top of the emblem, they wrote the name of the bank, where the first letters were capitalized. It used the largest font size, had old-style lettering, and was the widest part of the logo. At the bottom of the emblem, they added an address (40 Wall Street, New York), which made the logo look more like a business card. Right in the center of the emblem, we see a man sitting and what looks like writing or keeping a record of something. To the right and left of this contoured drawing, there is an establishment date and the inscription says Chartered 1799. On the very left under the bank’s name, it says “Members of the Federal Reserve System” in cursive relatively small writing. Similar writing is done on the right side and states “Transfer Agents of the State of New York since 1818”.

1877 – 1955

Chase Logo 1877

As the name of the bank changed, so did the logo. This time, it was very simple. The top line state in bold the name of the company “The Chase National Bank”. The first letters were capitalized and used serif font. The next row specified the address of the headquarters, which were located in the city of New York. It used the same font, only reduced the size of the letters that were all uppercase. The last line was the street name “57 Broadway”, written in even smaller font. The clean lines of the font combined with bold black lettering reflected the professionalism and trustworthiness of the company the logo represented.

1955 – 1961

Chase Logo 1955

The logo used during this period looked fancier, but each element had a meaning behind it. It was framed to look like a square with corners that were smoothly rounded. A gray map of the United States served as the background against which the name “Chase Manhattan”, written in uppercase letters, was clearly standing out. At the top, slightly off-center, there was a contour of the globe. Across the top, the logo stated “World-Wide Banking”. The US map and the globe are meant to represent the origin of the company and the fact that it is no longer limited only to the states.

1961 – 1976

Chase Logo 1961

The key element of the new design was the name of the company once again. Each word was written on a separate line and aligned to the left. It was inscribed in black uppercase letters using a simple sans-serif typeface. In the top right corner, the designers added another interesting element. It was an octagon with a white square in the center and four geometric figures that formed the octagon itself colored in black, green, purple, and brown.

1976 – 2005

Chase Logo 1976

The company preserved the octagon it presented in the previous logo. This time, it was positioned on the left on a blue and red banner that looked like a rectangle with the blue strip taking almost two-thirds of its width. The word “Chase” written in bold uppercase letters popped against the dark blue color. The octagon was white, just like the name, and had a transparent center as well as the lines that separated the four elements that formed this figure. The bold color choice was meant to show the energy and stability of the bank.

2005 – Today

Chase Logo

An update to the logo was meant to bring the attention of the customers to the great changes that were happening as Chase has acquired another bank to further strengthen its position in the market. The redesigned logo was one word “Chase” written in black capitalized letters. The font was also very modern. To the right of the name, there was now a recognizable octagon, which the designers painted blue. The blue color once again meant stability and trustworthiness of the company.