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Chery is a prominent Chinese automobile manufacturer established by the Chinese government. It was created in Wuhu, Anhui Province, with the aim of boosting the local economy through the automotive industry. Chery specializes in producing a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, minivans, and SUVs. It has gained international recognition for its affordable yet reliable vehicles, contributing significantly to China’s position in the global automotive market.

Meaning and history

Chery Logo history

Chery, founded in 1997 in China, began as a state-owned enterprise. Initially focusing on compact cars, it expanded quickly. By the early 2000s, Chery ventured into exporting, making a mark globally. The mid-2000s saw collaborations, notably with Fiat and Jaguar Land Rover, diversifying its portfolio. Despite such partnerships, Chery remained primarily under Chinese government control. In the 2010s, it emphasized innovation, launching new models and electric vehicles. Chery’s growth mirrored China’s automotive ascent, maintaining significant domestic and increasing international presence. Ownership and strategy shifts reflected adaptability and ambition in a competitive industry.

What is Chery?
Chery stands as a beacon of innovation within the automotive sector, birthed by Chinese ingenuity in 1997. It’s recognized for crafting vehicles that blend reliability with affordability, propelling China’s automotive narrative onto the global stage.


Chery Logo 1997

The logo on display showcases a bold monogram encased within a circle, its form conjuring the image of an alpha, symbolizing leadership. This emblem, cast in stark black, exudes a sense of enduring strength and a pioneering spirit. Its interlocking design suggests connectivity and unity, key attributes for a brand’s identity. The use of negative space within the figure subtly conveys innovation, as if carving a path into the future. Overall, the logo’s simplicity and clarity command attention and convey confidence.

1997 – 2001

Chery Logo 19971

This incarnation of the logo introduces a striking red color, symbolizing passion and energy. The emblem remains circular but is now bisected by a bold red letter, reminiscent of an abstract art piece, evoking motion and forward-thinking. Below, the brand name “CHERY” is assertively printed in black, grounding the design with a sense of solidity and seriousness. The contrast between the red and black hues lends the logo a dynamic, yet authoritative presence.

2001 – 2013

Chery Logo 2001

Transitioning from stark black and red, the logo now sports a metallic sheen, reflecting sophistication and modernity. The silver tones suggest technological advancement and a futuristic outlook, while the 3D effect adds depth and dimensionality. The brand name “CHERY” boldly stands in red beneath, maintaining a visual link to its past iterations. This metallic transformation symbolizes a leap into a new era, merging the brand’s heritage with a contemporary edge.

2013 – 2023

Chery Logo 2013

The logo evolves further, introducing a sleek, oval surround that gives it a more pronounced 3D effect. The silver-grey gradient on the emblem enhances its metallic quality, suggesting precision and high-tech allure. The typeface of “CHERY” below has been refined, its red color now more vivid, conveying a blend of tradition and modern dynamism. This design iteration speaks to a fusion of legacy and the cutting-edge, a visual testament to the brand’s evolution and future-facing philosophy.

2023 – Today

Chery Logo

The latest logo presents a return to minimalism, shedding the previous 3D effect for a flat, monochromatic design. The metallic gradient has been replaced by a solid, matte black, suggesting understated elegance and modernity. The “CHERY” typography is now more streamlined and extended, reflecting a contemporary, digital-friendly aesthetic. This stripped-back approach conveys confidence in simplicity, aligning the brand with current design trends favoring clean and versatile visuals.