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Chinabank stands as a key commercial bank in the Philippines. Dee C. Chuan and Albino SyCip founded it to serve Chinese-Filipino businessmen. They established it in Manila. The bank’s creation aimed to provide reliable financial services to the local community.

Meaning and history

Chinabank Logo history

Chinabank was founded on August 16, 1920. Over the years, it has marked significant milestones. For instance, it was the first finance institution in Southeast Asia to process deposit accounts online in 1969. By the 1980s, Chinabank had expanded its network to over a hundred branches nationwide. In 1990, it introduced automated teller services, further modernizing its operations. The bank celebrated its centenary in 2020, highlighting its long-standing service and commitment to financial excellence in the Philippines.

What is Chinabank?
Chinabank is a financial institution in the Philippines that provides a range of banking services. It caters primarily to the business community, offering loans, deposits, and investment products. The bank is known for its robust service to both local and international clients.

1920 – 1973

Chinabank Logo 1920

This period marked the debut of the China Banking Corporation’s original logo, prominently featuring the institution’s full name, “CHINA BANKING CORPORATION,” in a classic serif typeface. The choice of font reflected the traditional and formal image associated with banks of that era, emphasizing stability and trust in a time when these qualities were paramount for financial institutions.

1973 – 1995

Chinabank Logo 1973

During these years, the logo underwent a subtle redesign, maintaining the essence of the original but updating the font to a more austere and conventional style typical of the period. This adjustment aligned with the evolving aesthetics of corporate branding, continuing to project an image of reliability and professionalism.

1995 – 2017

Chinabank Logo 1995

The logo displays the name “CHINABANK” in bold, red capital letters. The font is modern, with a sans-serif typeface. The lettering is straightforward and legible, conveying a sense of clarity and strength. The initials “BC” are encapsulated in a red rectangle to the left, signifying the bank’s abbreviation. The color red symbolizes energy and passion, reflecting the bank’s dynamism. The rectangle adds a geometric touch, suggesting stability and reliability. Overall, the design is sleek and professional, embodying the essence of corporate identity.

2017 – 2024

Chinabank Logo 2017

The updated logo maintains the signature red color, symbolizing vitality and commitment. “CHINABANK” is now unaccompanied by initials, signifying a streamlined brand identity. Each letter confidently stands alone, reflecting an independent and modern approach. The red is a rich, assertive shade, underscoring the bank’s strength. Absent are additional graphics, emphasizing a minimalist design philosophy. This logo speaks to a contemporary era, prioritizing directness and clear communication.

2024 – Today

Chinabank Logo

The logo features the letter “C” encircling a “B,” a design symbolizing inclusivity and protection. This emblem represents the bank’s initials. Its placement at the forefront signifies a strong brand identity. The red hue persists, embodying passion and energy. Typography remains clean, with a sans-serif font that speaks to modernity. The design choice for the “C” to envelop the “B” could be an artistic nod to the bank’s customer-centric approach, wrapping its services around the needs of the clientele.