Daraz Logo

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Daraz is a regional e-commerce marketplace for South Asia. It was initially launched in Pakistan in 2012, and it’s mainly used in Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh at the moment. The premise is the same as with Amazon or AliExpress – people come here to buy or sell goods online.

Meaning and History

Daraz Logo history

2012 – 2018

Daraz Logo 2012

Daraz has released this logo upon creation. It features their company name – ‘Daraz’ – written in white lowercase letters. The font used here is a rather plain, thin sans-serif. The writing created in the process is put in the middle of a black rectangle with rounded corners.

There’s also a colorful extension protruding from the shape’s right side. It features a myriad of bright circles mixing together to form a rich specter of green, red and yellow shades.

2018 – Today

Daraz Logo

The 2018 design uses a similar concept, although with a different execution. They took the same writing and removed all the surroundings. They became bolder, and most (except for the D) were colored purple. The latter, instead, is comprised of various bright colors in the same way that extension was in the previous design evolution.

This time, they created a more diverse palette of purple, red, yellow, green and blue.