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Days Inn is a hotel brand known for its affordability and convenience. Cecil B. Day founded the brand. He launched the first location in Tybee Island, Georgia. The brand was created to offer affordable lodging options to travelers. Its establishments typically feature basic amenities aimed at budget-conscious tourists and families.

Meaning and history

Days Inn Logo history

Cecil B. Day founded Days Inn in 1970 as a modest motel with affordable rooms. Within two years, the motel branched into franchising, propelling its rapid rise to a national brand. In 1984, Holiday Inn incorporated Days Inn into its portfolio, amplifying its reach and efficiency. The 1990s witnessed Wyndham Worldwide acquiring Days Inn, embedding it into a vast network of global hospitality services. Through this transition, Days Inn continued to offer cost-effective accommodations worldwide, staying true to its founding principles.

What is Days Inn?
Days Inn is a hotel brand that operates under the Wyndham Worldwide umbrella. It offers economical accommodations primarily targeting budget travelers. The hotels are known for their basic amenities, consistent quality, and accessible locations, catering to tourists and family travelers seeking value for their money.

1970 – 1982

Days Inn Logo 1970

The logo features a bold, black rectangle as its base. Atop it sits a stylized, yellow rising sun with spiky edges. The sun’s half-circle peeks over the black bar. The words “DAYS INN” in large, capital letters fill the rectangle’s space. The font is white, straightforward, and sans-serif, ensuring high contrast and legibility. This logo radiates simplicity and a promise of a bright, new day for travelers seeking rest.

1982 – 2007

Days Inn Logo 1982

In this evolution of the logo, the sun’s vibrant yellow remains, but its shape is more defined with crisp, triangular rays. The sunburst now forms a complete semicircle resting within a black arch. Beneath, the “DAYS INN” text has grown in stature, the letters bolder and more commanding. White space is masterfully used to carve out the letters from the black background, ensuring the name stands out. A registered trademark symbol now accompanies the upper right, signaling the brand’s established identity. The entire logo conveys a more polished and professional image, reflecting the brand’s growth and stability in the hospitality industry.

2007 – Today

Days Inn Logo

The logo has undergone a dynamic transformation, now featuring a radiant sun with more detailed and numerous rays. This sunburst, with a gradient from yellow to white, adds depth and vitality, positioned within a sky-blue dome that softens the backdrop. The “Days Inn” text has shifted to a curving, navy blue banner below the sun, lending a more modern and friendly touch. The typeface of the name is softer, with a rounder, more welcoming design. The incorporation of the gradient and the new color scheme imparts a fresher, more contemporary feel, suggesting a new dawn in the brand’s evolution. The registered trademark symbol remains, affirming the brand’s established legal standing.