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Duke University is a private science research institute, tracing back from 1838. Its three campuses are based in North Carolina. The university’s major directions of study are related to economics, psychology, IT sciences, and public sciences. In total, Duke has more than 200 educational programs to choose from across various areas of study. DU comprises three main campuses: West, East, and Central ones, all based in the city of Durham.

Meaning and history

Duke University Logo history

Originally, Duke University was a small preparatory school for young men, set up in 1838 and based in Randolph county, near the present city of Trinity. It was then transformed into Normal College for teachers by the state assembly in the 1851. 8 years later, the Methodist Church provided financial aid to the college, which changed its name to Trinity College, following this event.

During the second half of the 19th century, the institute has overgone through several huge events, including the Civil War, which involved many students, and construction of the new student housing and lecturing buildings. All this completely transformed a small school the institute was before into a full-scope college. They also focused on exploration of the new areas of science. For example, the Cherokee Industrial School at Trinity College was built in 1882.

In the 1890s, the college was relocated to Durham following the proposal from the president John F. Crowell, claiming that the urban location would attract more professors, students, and investors. It worked – the local magnates gave land and money to the college, while city professors started conducting their philosophy, engineering, psychology, and other lectures. In 1897, the school started enrollment of female students shortly after the request from Washington Duke, one of the largest investors.

The latest reincarnation took place in 1924, again with the help from philanthropists. James Duke, the Washington Duke’s successor, set up his charitable fund to give finances to the institution. This let it build a new West Campus and rebuild its original East Campus. The development of the college allowed in to become a university, named after the Duke family.

During the 20th century, the university grew quickly. The School of Religion and The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences were established in 1926. The schools of medicine, nursing, law, and engineering were built in the 1930s. The other disciplines were explored in the years to come – the business in 1961, and public arts in 2005. Now, the university continues its science research activity, providing degrees under more than 200 programs.

What is Duke University?
Duke University is a private educational facility, which conduct science research activity in various spheres of liberal and natural sciences. They have around 200 degree programs and more than 3900 academicians. Duke has three campuses: East, Central, and West, all based near the city of Durham.

1880s – today

Duke University Seal

The first printed image of the seal traces back to the 1880s. It is a circular image with an outline consisting of several levels: a solid blue line, followed by a pattern of many circles, after which is a sheer blue line again, and then a white stripe.

After the contours goes a large ring with the university name in English occupying its upper half. Previously, this inscription was in Latin, but the language was changed in the 1950s. Below the words, there are two ornaments of many rhomboid frames, each containing a smaller rhombus inside. At the bottom of this layer, they wrote the year of the foundation.

The center represents a laurel wreath at the perimeter, with the stem looking like a four-leaf flower. Deeper in the seal, they drew a building, probably drafted from the original East Campus of the university.

1838 – today

Duke University Logo

Their university’s logo is just the ‘Duke’ word plus the word ‘university’, executed in smaller letters below it.


Duke University Symbol

The name ‘Duke’ is executed in the slim typeface called Garamond. It has a classic style with thin yet angular and sharp serifs. The lettering has a small inter letter interval. In contrast, the word ‘university’ has a larger space separating the letters, which have a traditional, classic typeface, but with no serifs. As for the official corporate seal, here they used a capitalized typeface, close to Garamond. The characters are made in thin lines with slim serifs.


Duke University Emblem

The official color palette of Duke University includes dark blue and white shades. These colors play the main role in the institute’s brand identity, but it has many other additional shades, used in design projects. They include various types of blue, green, yellow, and red, having their own names, which one can find on their official website.