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Spanish missionaries established the University of San Carlos (USC), a private Catholic university located in Cebu City, Philippines, with the dual purpose of providing education and religious instruction. USC offers a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate programs. The university is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and community service, making it one of the oldest educational institutions in Asia. Situated in downtown Cebu City, its main campus serves as a hub for developing competent and socially responsible professionals. Renowned for its significant contributions to education and society, USC continues to influence both fields profoundly.

Meaning and history

Spanish missionaries from the Society of Jesus founded the University of San Carlos on August 1, 1595, initially establishing it as the small Colegio de San Ildefonso. In 1769, King Charles III of Spain decreed the expulsion of the Jesuits, which temporarily closed the school. However, the Spanish clergy took over and reopened the school in 1783. It underwent a renaming in 1852 to Colegio de San Carlos, in tribute to St. Charles Borromeo. During World War II, the school sustained significant damage but managed to reopen and expand post-war.

In 1948, Colegio de San Carlos achieved university status, adopting the name University of San Carlos. Over the years, the university launched several colleges and departments, such as the College of Law, College of Engineering, and College of Business Administration. In the 1970s, USC further broadened its academic programs and facilities, introduced innovative research initiatives, and began community outreach programs. Into the 21st century, USC has upheld its reputation for academic excellence and social responsibility, continuing to stand out as a premier educational institution in the Philippines.

What is University of San Carlos?
The University of San Carlos is a prestigious Catholic university in Cebu City. It offers diverse academic programs. The university is known for its commitment to education and community service.

1959 – Today

University of San Carlos Logo

The logo of the University of San Carlos features a shield divided into three sections. The top left section is red with a globe and a cross symbol. The top right section is blue with a white dome structure, symbolizing a classical building. The bottom section is green with an open book and three stars above it. Surrounding the shield is a green laurel wreath. Above the shield, a golden star is centered. To the right of the shield, the university’s name is written in elegant black font. Below the name, the words “Scientia”, “Virtus”, and “Devotio” appear, representing the institution’s core values.