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The State University of Surabaya, also known as UNESA, is an academic organization founded in Indonesia, in 1964. It comprises two campuses that maintain the work of seven educational facilities and a graduate school. UNESA offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs preparing students in natural arts and humanities. The university’s degrees are recognized internationally, and it has been partnering with international organizations and other universities, including UN Agency for International Development and Central China Normal University.

Meaning and history

Originally there were B-I and B-II lectures for junior and high school educators, respectively. They took place in the 1950s, thanks to the Institute of Teacher Training and Education Surabaya, and majored in chemical and exact sciences. In 1957, the courses were transformed into General B-II and Special B-II. The first one specialized in languages, while the second one included the classes of chemical and natural sciences, economics, as well as other fields of science.

After several reincarnations, in 1964, the classes were reorganized into five faculties, exploring pedagogy, social education sciences, languages, technical sciences, and engineering under the Institute of Teacher Training and Education control.

In the years to come, the Institute added additional courses and improved the existing ones, adding new programs and new laboratories and research centers. To reflect the progress, the institute changed its title to the State University of Surabaya in 1999.

What is UNESA?
UNESA is an acronym for Universitas Negeri Surabaya or the State University of Surabaya. It is an academic institution, founded in 1964 in Surabaya, Indonesia. As one of the most important universities in the country, UNESA provides various programs exploring natural sciences, humanities, public arts, et cetera. The university includes of two campuses, seven centers, and one graduate school. In total, UNESA has more than 30,000 applicants and 834 academicians.

1964 – today


The UNESA logotype depicts an ornament composed of multiple wings curved to the top. The wings are limited to a single circular shape with each half mirroring the other. Between them, there is a sharp-pointed pillar. Below, there is the acronym in all caps.


UNESA Emblem

The only shade used to paint the logotype is golden. The brand designers often the crest on a black, white, or blue background that fits the color perfectly.


UNESA Symbol

The font used to write the acronym displays sans-serif capitalized letterforms with rounded edges and bold lines. There are inter-letter intervals separating each character.