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University of Arizona is a scientific-educational organization based in Tucson, USA. Established in 1885 by the territorial government of Arizona, now U of A states its core mission the constant research in science. They offer more than 300 academic degrees in various directions of science via 20 specialized colleges and 23 schools, organized in four campuses. In total, there are around 50k students enrolled in the university.

Meaning and history

University of Arizona Logo history

The university’s formation dates back to 1885, when the territorial government of Arizona gathered in the 13th legislature and signed a bill, establishing the university. They chose the city of Tucson as the future location of the university. Its first major building – Old Main – was erected in 1890, containing labs, study rooms, and also the school teaching farmers and scientists in the agricultural sector.

Throughout the university’s history, there were several major milestones. Their athletic varsity teams appeared in 1914. In 1926, the team has first cried its ‘Bear Down!’ slogan, which became one of the first examples of the university’s and its team’s brand identity. Previously, the student board of the university came up with the so-called ‘Block A’ emblem, which is used today with some modifications.

The Arizona students and professors had also taken part in Moon landing, helping map the moon’s surface in the 1960s. They also took samples of an asteroid in 2021.

Now, the University of Arizona still plays an important role in the science research activity of the state, providing a high-level education to the students.

What is the University of Arizona?
University of Arizona is an American institute of science research and education, based in Tucson. It comprises four campuses, managing 23 schools and 20 colleges, which around 300 specialized programs and numerous courses. Today, UA provides edicational services to 50k students.

1970s – 1985

University of Arizona Logo 1970

Despite the first version of the institute’s insignia trace back to 1904, actually they started thinking about a brand mark only in the 70s, when then-president John P. Schaefer wrote a paper, describing the logo looking like a single-standing block ‘a’ letter with prominent serifs.

1985 – today

University of Arizona Logo

Then, they slightly refreshed the symbol. Now it contained a smaller ‘a’ letter inside it. This character was executed in semibold lines with sharp serifs.

1885 – today

University of Arizona Logo 1885

The University of Arizona seal of approval is a roundel signature, symbolically featuring the history and the original purpose of the university. It consists of three parts: a small circle at the center, a buffer area, and an external ring.

The central round is split in two by a white stripe, showing a miner’s pickaxe, a plow, and a key. The first two items represent two original disciplines, taught in U of A – mining and agriculture, while the key means access to education and science. The bottom of the round is dominated by a Greek lamp, put on two books, one about philosophy, and one about history. The circle’s top is occupied by a sun. The star covers a crest and the ‘sursum'(upwards) word above it.

Overpassing an empty buffer area, the image goes to an external ring, containing the Latin inscription ‘sigullum universitatis arizonesis, ranging across most of the ring. There is also the year of establishment in the lowest point of the sigil.


University of Arizona Emblem

The UA seal has a perfectly balanced coloring palette of white, red & blue. Here is how the colors are set up: the ring is dark blue, and there is the white lettering in it. The buffer zone is white, and it has a circle with the upper and lower parts colored red, and the central stripe – white. The items on this stripe are dark blue.

They used the similar color code to draw the corporate logotype: the inner ‘a’ character is red, and it has a triple contour colored white, blue & white.


University of Arizona Symbol

Sometimes, they add the nameplate to the official ‘Block A’ emblem of the institute. It is uppercase, but the first letters of each word are slightly enlarged. They also have small serifs, decorating the slim characters. The proper  ‘A’ symbol features two scripts. The typeface to the smaller ‘a’ is similar to that one used in the name. The external ‘a’ shows heavy serifs and extra bold lines.

What’s about the seal, so the nameplate here has received a capitalized sans-serif typeface with the ‘u’ characters looking like ‘v’. Each letter has rounded tips, and there are tiny intervals in between. The ‘sursum’ motto has the same script.