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IGNOU, or Indira Gandhi National Open University, is a central university maintained by the Higher Education Department of the Indian Ministry of Education. It is the biggest academic institution on the planet, having a total application of 4 million people, 1000 separate centers across India, and numerous overseas locations. They offer countless online and offline academic programs, granting worldwide recognized bachelor, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Meaning and history

The prerequisites for the creation of IGNOU appeared in the early 1970s when the Indian Ministry of Education and Social Welfare launched a conference on ‘Open University’, joining forces with other governmental institutions of India. The seminar led to the formation of the experimental institute, whose development was maintained by a group of eight specialists led by G. Parthasarathi, the Vice-Chancellor of JNU, India’s largest public university at the time.

The board proposed the university should receive a nationwide frame of reference so any student, even from the farthest place in the country, could have a proper education and academic degrees. They also maintained various organizational activities, including the preparation of academic materials and scholar programs, the creation of provincial study centers, hiring academic staff, et cetera.

Finally, the Indira Gandhi National Open University has come into presence in 1985, called in the name of the recently assassinated prime minister. The first thousand applicants went out of the institute with their diplomas four years later. In 1990, IGNOU launched its video and audio courses streamed on radio and television. In the same year, their academic degrees received governmental credit from the University Grants Commission.

Another milestone of the Open University took place in 1999 when it started providing online courses, thereby granting access to education to people even from the remotest places in India and the entire world.

Today, the institute controls 21 schools, offering 226 degree-granting programs to more than 4 million applicants across India. Through a complicated system of online courses, IGNOU provides education to people from various corners of Africa, Asia, and Europe.

What is IGNOU?
IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is an Indian educational organization providing academic programs to more than 4 million students in and outside India. They maintain 21 schools and numerous study centers, offering both online and offline lectures. The university is headquartered in the country’s capital.

1985 – today


The university’s logotype depicts the acronym written in lowercase letters. It stands above the motto, ‘the people’s university’, and both inscriptions are separated from the emblem by a slim vertical line. This insignia shows the large letter ‘u’, containing the smaller ‘o’ that itself incorporates several separated curls reminding the letters. The emblem seems to be a monogram consisting of the first characters of the name.


IGNOU Symbol

The brand designers have used the blue, black & white color palette to paint the logotype. The blue, used to draw the emblem and the acronym, features the organization’s trustworthiness and openness, while the black stands for the slogan and the thin vertical bar. At last, white comes into force when there is a background.


IGNOU Emblem

The brand artists wrote the words in simple semibold sans-serif scripts. The motto is in caps, while the acronym is lowercase.