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e& is a telecommunications brand. It was created by the UAE-based company Etisalat. The brand aims to provide advanced digital solutions. Etisalat introduced e& to enhance connectivity and digital services across the globe. The brand focuses on innovative technologies. It serves both individual consumers and businesses. The goal is to facilitate seamless communication and digital experiences. The headquarters are in Abu Dhabi, UAE. e& operates in multiple countries, delivering cutting-edge digital infrastructure. This helps improve digital transformation in various sectors. The brand offers a range of services, including mobile, internet, and TV.

Meaning and history

E& Logo history

e& started as Etisalat in 1976 in the UAE. It began by providing basic telecommunication services. Over the years, Etisalat expanded rapidly. In the 1980s, it introduced mobile services. By the 1990s, it launched internet services. Etisalat quickly became a regional leader in telecommunications. In 2022, Etisalat rebranded to e&. The new name reflects a broader focus. e& now emphasizes digital transformation and innovation. The company invests in advanced technologies like AI and IoT. It offers services in multiple countries. e& drives digital solutions for businesses and consumers.

What is e&?
e& is a brand by Etisalat, focusing on digital solutions and telecommunications. It offers services like mobile, internet, and digital payments. The brand drives digital transformation across various sectors, leveraging advanced technologies.

1976 – 2000

Etisalat Logo 1976

The logo features an eagle with a satellite dish on its chest. Arabic text surrounds the eagle, forming a circular shape. “EMIRTEL” is written at the bottom of the eagle. The eagle’s wings are spread wide. The logo is green, symbolizing the United Arab Emirates. The circular border includes Arabic numerals. The design conveys a strong, modern identity. The eagle represents strength and vision. The satellite dish signifies communication technology. This logo marks the brand’s commitment to innovation and connectivity.

2000 – 2006

Etisalat Logo 2000

A more modern and simplified design characterizes the new logo. A green square and blue waves replace the eagle. The logo retains the Arabic text, now set in a contemporary font. Below the graphic, “Etisalat” appears in blue. A red dot, symbolizing connectivity, serves as a focal point. This design promotes a sleek, digital-forward identity. These changes illustrate Etisalat’s progression towards advanced telecommunications. The overall appearance is clean and futuristic.

2006 – 2022

Etisalat Logo 2006

The logo introduces a sleek, modern design. It features a green, triangular shape with rounded edges. The blue waves and red dot are replaced. “Etisalat” is written in gray below the symbol. The Arabic text remains but is now in a matching gray. The new design emphasizes simplicity and innovation. The green symbolizes growth and technology. The overall look is more minimalistic and dynamic. This change reflects Etisalat’s commitment to modernity and forward-thinking.

2022 – Today

Etisalat Logo 2022

The logo features a bold new design. “Etisalat” appears in white on a black rectangle. “by e&” is in white on a red rectangle. The font is modern and clean. The green and triangular shape are removed. The design emphasizes simplicity and strong visual impact. The color scheme is more striking with black and red. This logo highlights Etisalat’s association with e&, representing a fresh brand identity. The overall look is contemporary and minimalistic, reflecting modern digital trends.

2022 – Today

Etisalat Logo

The current logo features a bold, red “e&” without the black and red rectangles. This design is minimalistic and focuses solely on the “e&” symbol. The vibrant red color signifies energy and innovation. The logo is modern and straightforward. It highlights the brand’s commitment to digital transformation. The overall look is clean and impactful, emphasizing simplicity and clarity.