Deadpool Logo

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Deadpool is an extremely popular antihero character from the Marvel comics. He’s a sadistic, deranged mercenary known for his near-immortality and great sense of hymor. Despite being beloved by people all over, he’s actually much younger of a character than many superheroes in the same universe.

Meaning and History

Deadpool first appeared as a character in 1991 where he acted as a villain for the first few comic books and then was developed further to have a humane side, despite being horrifically disfigured in the course of super-soldier program. In 2016, the popularity of the character surged again after the movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

1991 – today

Deadpool Logo

Deadpool has only had one logo – a red circle with two black inlets in the left and right parts of the circle itself. Onto these black inlets, they also placed two white eye-like shapes narrowed into an angry expression. This is supposed to resemble Deadpool’s own mask, while the character himself doesn’t have any identifiable emblems.

Emblem and Symbol

Deadpool Emblem

There are many variations of the main logo. They mostly feature slightly color change or, sometimes, more substantial changes, such as additional lines or remodeling of the existing features (it mostly affects the eyes, designers like to give Deadpool a more foolish expression once in a while).

However, these emblems aren’t totally official.