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Stray Kids and its members are a well-known pop male group from South Korea, formed in 2017. The group consists of 9 finalists of the JYP Entertainment reality show. By the end of 2019, they recorded one special collection, five mini-albums, and won a dozen prestigious awards in their native country (not to mention millions of hearts). The Japanese debut took place in 2020. In addition, the world heard the first studio album “Go Live”, which was re-released in September under the name “In Live”.

Meaning and History

Stray Kids is a mega-popular youth boy band, named after the TV show, from South Korea that exists since 2017. In 2019, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism officially appointed the boy-band Stray Kids to represent it for the first time. The group’s success in South Korea and recognition in their homeland became the beginning of a world-class career.

What is Stray Kids?

Stray Kids are Korean pop artists. This group was created as a result of the JYP Entertainment reality show in 2017. The team included 9 finalists of the project, but on October 28, 2019, one of the participants decided to leave the group. The team has already won more than ten awards for newcomers at the South Korean awards.

2017 – Today

Stray Kids Logo

The logo features the name of the band with no other details. It was hand-drawn by Bang Chan, a group member. The funky font used to write the words “Stray Kids” is similar to Xtreem font and reflects the individual style of the band. It is written in black with the first letters being capitalized and some letters having white streaks. An exception is the red letter “K”.