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GitHub is a Microsoft-owned company, incorporated in 2008 in San Francisco. It operates a web service for hosting IT projects and their joint development. GitHub is based on Git – a source code management system that simplifies the search for code changes. It opens a broad spectrum of opportunities for task administration and continuous implementation of features in every project. The software is available for free but offers subscription plans for prominent corporate projects.

Meaning and history

GitHub Logo history

The service creation was launched in October 2007 by a group of IT-specialists and entrepreneurs led by Tom Preston-Werner. After six months of work, the GitHub website was launched in April 2008, along with the company. Since the start, the website has been using the Git system in operations to allow users to follow the changes in their codes, which helps them with task management, version and access control, and others. Throughout the years, this feature has been attracting users – as of 2022, GitHub has got an audience of 83 million people.

What is GitHub?
GitHub is a 2008-founded company that maintains an eponymous internet hosting software. Their product is used for the creation of software and version control via the Git system. It provides distributed revision control in which the code is mirrored on every authorized computer. This system enables various opportunities for bug searching, assignment management, integration of new features, et cetera.

2008 – 2013

GitHub Logo 2008

The first logotype o GitHub showed the name caption in a lowercase sans-serif typeface with bold lines. Its first character looked like an oval and a circle, joined in one symbol by a small bar. The character ‘h’ had a barely visible thickening in the bottom. Below the name, the brand designers wrote the company’s slogan executed in all small capitals – ‘social coding’.

2013 – today

GitHub Logo

Then, they changed the logotype style completely. The GitHub branders added a new icon, showing a cat silhouette with a disproportionally big head. This pet, also known as Octocat, stood in the middle of a big circle. Below this emblem, they wrote the name in a refreshed typeface with capitalized ‘g’ and ‘h’, retaining most of the features of its predecessor.


GitHub Symbol

The name caption is written in a bold sans-serif typeface with small inter-letter spaces. Most of the letters are lowercase, except for the ‘g’ and ‘h’.


GitHub Emblem

The official color code used to depict the logo elements is classic black and white. They paint the cat silhouette white and all remaining parts black. There are cases when the GitHub artists invert the shades or color of the logo to dark blue and white.