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OnlyFans is the fastest-growing intimate content social network. OnlyFans works much like Instagram and TikTok: some users create content and others watch it, but the main difference is that you always have to pay to view it. OnlyFans is not only content. Although, the user must confirm that they are at least 18 years old when registering. It offers a wide selection of popular and useful articles and videos, such as health and fitness tips, dance lessons, cooking blogs, new releases from emerging and established writers, artists, musicians, and more.

Meaning and History

Onlyfans Logo history

OnlyFans is a young social network. It was created in 2016 by the entrepreneur and former banker Tim Stockley. In 2018, Ukrainian-American Leonid Radvinsky bought out 75% of OnlyFans. During the pandemic, the platform has become very popular. There was a time when more than 200 thousand new users registered on the site every day. OnlyFans has accounts for writers, musicians, and athletes. The most common accounts are with models that create 18+ content.

What is OnlyFans?
OnlyFans is the most popular subscription-based content creation website. Created in 2012, it’s now the biggest in the field. It allows users to charge money for monthly subscriptions to their broadcasts and videos, the majority of which is adult entertainment. Despite that, the platform doesn’t limit its users to just this activity.

2016 – 2021

OnlyFans Logo 2016

The logo of the platform is a stylized name. The word “Only” is written using simple sans-serif font. These are delicate letters done in black. Inside the round “O”, there is an image of a blue padlock, which is meant to represent the content that is locked for viewing until you pay for it. The word “Fans” was done in the same blue color, but the font had a fancier calligraphy style. The first letter was slightly overlapping the “Y”.

2021 – Today

OnlyFans Logo

The new update has changed the way the logo looked by changing the font to a simpler and bolder one.  Only the first letters were capitalized. Although both words were done in the same style, their color was different. The first word was done in a lighter shade of blue, similar to what was used in the previous logo, while the other was noticeably darker. The padlock has disappeared from the emblem. To the left, there was an abbreviation of the name with the letter “O” being perfectly round and thick. The “F” was partially hiding behind it, so it looked as if the “O” had wings. These two letters were also done in two shades of blue. A variation with a yellow and dark blue color scheme was created to support Ukraine.


The platform mainly uses an image of a padlock as their symbol. They’ve been doing it since 2012, describing in this way their principles. The viewers can fully enjoy the content only by unlocking the subscription, but there is also a peephole meaning that the content is meant to be viewed anyway.


Their latest icon is also a take on a padlock, except they remodeled it to resemble the letters ‘OF’. It still looks like a lock, with a big peephole in the middle and the outline of the ‘F’ in the shape of a key. This image is commonly used alone to represent the brand in limited space, but it’s also an integral part of the logotype.