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Godiva stands as a beacon of luxury in the chocolate industry. The Draps family brought it to life in Belgium. Their mission was clear: create unmatched chocolate delights. Brussels, the heart of Belgium, witnessed the birth of this chocolate haven. The intention was noble and straightforward – offer the world a taste of Belgian excellence.

Meaning and history

Godiva Logo history

In 1926, the Draps family embarked on a journey to craft extraordinary chocolates in Brussels, Belgium. Godiva, named after Lady Godiva’s legendary ride, symbolizes generosity and luxury. The brand achieved international acclaim, first stepping into the global scene in 1958 by opening in Paris. The journey didn’t stop there, in 1966, Godiva made its way to the United States, securing its place as a global luxury chocolate icon. Through decades, Godiva has expanded, reaching over 100 countries, continuously embodying the spirit of Belgian chocolate-making tradition.

What is Godiva?
Godiva represents more than just chocolates; it’s an emblem of indulgence and sophistication. Born in Belgium, this brand has woven its way into the fabric of luxury confectionery. Its creations serve as a bridge, connecting the rich Belgian chocolate-making tradition with chocolate aficionados around the world.

1926 – 2005

Godiva Logo 1926

The logo depicts a stylized rendition of Lady Godiva on horseback. She is poised, yet in motion, hair and ribbons flowing behind her. Beneath her, the horse gallops, its mane and tail whipped by the wind. The image encapsulates a moment of boldness and liberation. The artwork is intricate, with a monochromatic palette that ensures a timeless elegance. Above this scene, “GODIVA” is inscribed in bold, capitalized letters, signifying strength and quality. Below, “Chocolatier” is elegantly stated, hinting at the brand’s craftsmanship in chocolate artistry. The entire logo exudes a sense of noble tradition and luxury, harmoniously blending history with the art of chocolate making.

2005 – Today

Godiva Logo

This rendition of the Godiva logo features the iconic Lady Godiva in a more detailed silhouette. Her long hair cascades freely, enhancing the dynamism of her fabled ride. The horse, also more defined, steps forward gracefully, its musculature and movement more pronounced. The logo’s color has shifted to a rich chocolate brown, echoing the company’s mastery in chocolatiering. The boldness of “GODIVA” remains, paired now with a more sophisticated “Chocolatier” script. The addition of the registered trademark symbol indicates the brand’s established presence and trademark status. The overall design communicates a refined elegance and a deep connection to the brand’s heritage.