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Haldiram’s, originating in Bikaner, India, was founded by Ganga Bhishen Agarwal. Initially a small namkeen (savory snack) shop, it has grown into a global Indian snack and sweets brand. Renowned for its quality and variety, Haldiram’s products reflect traditional Indian tastes, catering to diverse palates. It began as a modest venture to provide authentic, homemade-style snacks and has since evolved into a symbol of Indian culinary tradition worldwide.

Meaning and history

Haldiram’s began in 1937. Founded by Ganga Bhishen Agarwal, nicknamed Haldiram. Started as a small namkeen shop. Specialized in traditional Indian snacks. Gained popularity for authentic flavors. Expanded to Kolkata in the 1970s. First major factory established there. 1982 marked Delhi entry, revolutionizing snack industry. Introduced packaged products, ensuring freshness. 1990s saw rapid national expansion. Opened restaurants, diversifying offerings. 2000s: global reach, exports worldwide. Known for quality, variety. Represents Indian culinary heritage. Embraces modern trends, maintaining traditions. Continues as a family-run business. Haldiram’s is now a symbol of Indian taste globally.

What is Haldiram?
Haldiram’s is a renowned Indian brand, famous for its diverse array of traditional snacks and sweets. Originating from a modest shop in Bikaner, it has evolved into a global symbol of India’s rich culinary heritage, blending authenticity with modern tastes.


Haldiram logo

The logo showcases featuring a bold, red oval backdrop with a golden border. Central to the logo is the stylized white lettering of “Haldiram’s” with a distinctive, cursive overlaid by a monogram of “HR” in a more classical script. The design conveys a blend of tradition and modernity, reflective of the brand’s heritage and contemporary appeal. This emblem is synonymous with quality Indian snacks and sweets, recognized globally.