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Hampton Inn, a popular hotel chain, aims to provide quality accommodations and services. The brand was created by the hotel management company Promus Hotel Corporation. It originated in the United States. The main purpose behind its establishment was to offer affordable lodging with consistent quality for travelers.

Meaning and history

Hampton Inn Logo history

Hampton Inn was established in 1984. It began as a budget hotel designed to cater to cost-conscious business and leisure travelers. Over the years, it evolved, expanding its services and facilities. Significant milestones include the introduction of Hampton Inn & Suites in the 1990s, which offered both standard rooms and suites. Another key date was in 1999, when Hilton Hotels Corporation acquired the Promus Hotel Corporation, making Hampton Inn a part of the larger Hilton family. This acquisition allowed Hampton Inn to reach a wider audience and enhance its reputation and service quality.

What is Hampton Inn?
Hampton Inn is a hotel brand known for its reliable, comfortable accommodations at a reasonable price. It is part of the Hilton Worldwide portfolio. The brand caters primarily to business and leisure travelers seeking good value. Hampton Inn guarantees satisfaction with every stay, emphasizing guest comfort and convenience.


Hampton Inn Logo 1984

The logo displays the name “Hampton Inn” in bold, block letters. Set against a dark background, the typography is strong, with a crisp, serif font that conveys stability and reliability. Each letter stands in proud alignment, offering a sense of solidity and trustworthiness. The stark color contrast ensures the name is immediately noticeable, embodying the brand’s straightforward and dependable nature. It’s a minimalist design, eschewing unnecessary details for clean, unambiguous communication.

1984 – 2015

Hampton Inn Logo 19841

This iteration of the Hampton Inn logo contrasts sharply with the previous monochromatic design. It features an inviting script font that flows elegantly, suggesting a more personal and friendly experience. The logo is encased in a hexagonal border with sharp edges and a dual-tone of navy and a welcoming pinkish hue. Above the brand name, a decorative emblem adds a touch of sophistication. This logo blends tradition with modern hospitality, suggesting a blend of classic values and contemporary comfort.

2007 – Today

Hampton Inn Logo

The updated logo now includes “by HILTON”, proudly signifying Hampton Inn’s association with the prestigious Hilton brand. The main script remains gracefully fluid, maintaining the brand’s commitment to elegance and warmth. The consistent color scheme features navy and pinkish tones, and incorporating the Hilton name enhances the sense of sophistication and international quality reputation. The harmonious blend of colors and the subtle yet significant addition of text represent an evolution that respects the brand’s heritage.