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IHOP stands as a beacon in the world of dining, celebrated for its pancakes. Jerry Lapin, Al Lapin, and Albert Kallis founded this establishment with a vision. They chose Toluca Lake, California, as the birthplace for their idea. Their mission? To serve the community with breakfast options that comfort and delight. IHOP quickly became a household name, synonymous with hearty breakfasts and smiles.

Meaning and history

IHOP Logo history

Founded on July 7, 1958, IHOP began its journey in the culinary world. This acronym stands for International House of Pancakes, spotlighting its specialty. Over the years, IHOP expanded beyond pancakes, embracing a full diner-style menu. Significant moments include the introduction of the “Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity” pancakes in the 1980s, showcasing their creative flair. In 2007, a major rebranding effort emphasized IHOP’s broader menu, cementing its place as a staple in American dining culture.

What is IHOP?
IHOP is a global diner chain famous for its pancakes and breakfast offerings. With locations worldwide, it provides a cozy spot for meals any time of the day. The menu has evolved, offering a variety of items that cater to diverse tastes.

1958 – 1982

International House of Pancakes Logo 1958

The logo presents a nostalgic aura, featuring traditional elements in a warm color palette. A classic lamp post anchors the design, symbolizing hospitality. Baluster-like verticals add a touch of elegance, reminiscent of a welcoming inn’s façade. At its heart, the iconic banner boldly declares the brand’s identity: “The International House of Pancakes”, framed in a unique, old-fashioned signboard. The orange and brown hues evoke a sense of homeliness and comfort, akin to the familiar warmth of a well-loved kitchen.

1982 – 1992

International House of Pancakes Logo 1982

The evolved logo showcases a minimalist approach, focusing purely on the text within a slender, rectangular border. The typeface chosen for “INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES RESTAURANT” is traditional, conveying a timeless quality. A noticeable omission is the previous decorative elements, bringing forth a cleaner, more modern aesthetic. The characteristic lamp post is absent, emphasizing the text over imagery. The color scheme remains, with the vibrant orange border maintaining a link to the brand’s warm, inviting heritage. This iteration speaks to a straightforward, no-nonsense representation of the brand’s core offering: a place to dine.

1992 – 2003

International House of Pancakes Logo 1992

In this rendition of the logo, the transformation is striking with a bold blue background replacing the previous understated tones. White text stands out, creating a stark contrast that’s eye-catching. “RESTAURANT” now gracefully arches below in a vibrant red banner, infusing a dynamic element. This new color triad – blue, white, and red – aligns with an Americana theme, evoking a patriotic flair. The shift to a more geometric and uniform font presents a contemporary vibe. This logo iteration strides with confidence, representing the brand’s enduring presence in the food industry.

1994 – 2015

IHOP Restaurant Logo 1994

The logo has been distilled to its essence, adopting the abbreviation “IHOP” in substantial, white letters against a blue rectangle. The full name, once prominent, has been removed, signaling confidence that the abbreviation alone is iconic. The red banner beneath spells “RESTAURANT”, continuing the patriotic color scheme. This design strips away complexity, favoring bold simplicity. It’s a direct, powerful visual statement that reinforces brand recognition and encapsulates the chain’s evolution in the public eye. The modernized look reflects a focus on brand identity in an increasingly logo-centric world.

2015 – Today


The logo takes another leap into minimalism, shedding any remaining text aside from the bold, blue “IHOP.” A cheerful red curve nestles below, evoking a smile that adds a playful, welcoming touch. The previous banner is gone, leaving a clean and contemporary graphic. The letters themselves breathe with more space around them, suggesting a friendly and open atmosphere. This design embraces a joyful simplicity, aiming to resonate with a broad audience through its uncluttered, friendly aesthetic. It’s a modernized smile, inviting customers into the warm embrace of IHOP’s dining experience.