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ING, a global financial institution, originated in the Netherlands. The Dutch government played a key role in its creation, aiming to merge banking and insurance operations. The brand stands out for its innovative approach to banking, emphasizing digital solutions. It caters to a wide range of clients, including individuals and businesses, offering services like savings, loans, and investment products. The institution’s commitment to sustainability and financial education marks its unique position in the financial sector.

Meaning and history

Founded on March 4, 1991, ING has navigated through the financial landscape with notable agility. This fusion of banking and insurance entities was groundbreaking. The iconic orange lion logo represents strength and trust, tracing back to the Netherland’s national symbol. Over the years, ING has expanded its footprint globally, adapting to changing market demands. Significant milestones include the introduction of internet banking in the late 1990s and a strategic shift towards digital banking in the 2010s. These steps underscored its vision to lead in the digital age.

What is ING?
ING is a financial powerhouse, offering a broad spectrum of services. Its digital-first approach sets it apart in the banking industry. The institution prioritizes customer convenience and innovation. As a pioneer in online banking, ING continues to redefine the banking experience, making it more accessible and efficient for users worldwide.

1991 – Today

ING Logo

The logo sports a bold, capitalized “ING” in a deep blue hue, radiating confidence and stability. To its right, an orange lion, regal and fierce, embodies strength and Dutch heritage. The lion’s intricate design, with a detailed mane and expressive features, conveys both tradition and elegance. This visual symbol, juxtaposed against the simplicity of the typography, creates a striking balance. The contrast of blue and orange not only captures attention but also signifies ING’s dynamic blend of reliability and innovation.