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Klarna Bank AB is a Swedish fintech company providing financial services on the Internet, such as payments in online stores, direct payments and post-purchase payments. Their main service is designed to eliminate financial risks for buyers and sellers by managing store claims and customer payments.

What is an interesting fact about Klarna?
Klarna now has over 90 million users and more than 250,000 retail partners. The company is one of the most highly appreciated private fintech ones in the world with a valuation of $45.6 billion. Part of the Klarna codebase is written in Erlang, a programming language developed by Ericsson for highly parallel scalable applications.”

Meaning and History

Klarna Logo history

???? – 2017

Klarna Logo old

The very first logo of the brand was blue. It was the name of the company.

2017 – now

Klarna Logo

In 2017, the next step in the company rebranding process took place. Out with the cold and serious (boring) blue. The pink color replaced it. This tint reflects every aspect of what they do. It oozes smooth: smoooth payment experience, smoooth technical solutions, smoooth office.

Currently, there are some requirements for the use of the logo. For example, to designate a company among other financial companies, as well as in some other cases when the brand name is not used as a title, the badge “Klarna” in black letters on the rose background is used. If it is not possible to use the badge, the black and white Klarna logo is used.

Font and Color

Klarna Emblem

Since 2017, the main color of the logo is pink. This is the color of kindness and sentimentality. It looks spectacular, stylish and beautiful. Pink color belongs to the group of antidepressant colors. Its soft shades cause a person a sense of coziness and comfort, calms down, relieving obsessive thoughts. They relieve fatigue and help to believe in yourself.

Pink is used infrequently in business. It is because many people associate it with something naive and romantic. At the same time, the pink color gives inspiration. It awakens all the most beautiful things in a person, sets people up in a romantic way. And sometimes it can be applied great in business.

Pink is rarely used in logos of financial companies. Therefore, the Klarna logo can be considered unusual for this reason.