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Lancome stands as a beacon of French elegance in the cosmetics world. Armand Petitjean, its visionary founder, brought it to life in France. He aimed to encapsulate the essence of beauty and luxury in every product. Lancome initially dazzled the world with its fragrances, quickly expanding into skincare and makeup. Its mission: to offer every woman a touch of Parisian sophistication and innovation in beauty solutions.

Meaning and history

Lancome, born in 1935, symbolizes the pinnacle of French luxury in beauty. Petitjean launched it with the vision of global allure and exquisite quality. Noteworthy milestones include its pioneering skincare line in 1936 and the iconic Lancome rose logo, which became synonymous with the brand. Over the decades, Lancome has continually evolved, introducing groundbreaking products like the first long-lasting lipstick in 1950 and Genifique serum in 2009, cementing its status as a beauty trailblazer.

What is Lancome?
Lancome epitomizes luxury skincare, makeup, and fragrances, imbued with timeless French elegance. It’s a symbol of beauty innovation and quality, adored globally. Lancome continues to enchant with its commitment to sophistication and beauty excellence.


Lancome Logo

The Lancome logo radiates classic sophistication with its stark black letters on a clean white background. Capitalized, sleek typography spells out “LANCOME”, exuding confidence and elegance. Above, “PARIS” reminds us of its prestigious French heritage, subtly accentuated by a stylized accent in the form of a miniature rooftop. This emblem embodies the grace of Parisian aesthetics, marking Lancome’s luxury beauty products as icons of timeless style.