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NYX is a cosmetics brand known for offering professional-grade makeup. Toni Ko founded the brand in Los Angeles, California. She aimed to provide high-quality, affordable makeup products. The brand quickly became known for its wide range of colors and textures.

Meaning and history

NYX Professional Makeup began as a small cosmetics brand in Los Angeles in 1999. Founded by Toni Ko, its mission was to offer high-quality makeup at affordable prices. The brand quickly became known for its rich pigments and innovative products. By 2014, NYX was a significant player in the beauty industry and attracted the attention of L’Oréal, which acquired it. The acquisition allowed NYX to expand globally, enhancing its reach and product variety. NYX continues to appeal to a diverse demographic, celebrated for its inclusivity and cruelty-free formulations. The brand often collaborates with social media influencers, further boosting its popularity and accessibility. NYX also sponsors beauty events, promoting creative expression among makeup enthusiasts worldwide.

What is NYX?
NYX is a beauty brand that specializes in colorful, high-quality makeup at an accessible price. It caters to both professionals and everyday users. NYX offers a variety of products that encourage creativity and self-expression.

1999 – Today

NYX Logo

The logo in the image presents a bold, stylized depiction of the letters “NYX”. The “N” stands firm with a vertical posture, while the “Y” curves elegantly underneath. The “X” closes the sequence with a strong, grounded stance. Black dominates the color scheme, giving the logo a sense of sophistication and modernity. Its simplicity speaks to a contemporary aesthetic, while the use of geometric shapes suggests innovation and approachability. The design embodies the essence of the brand, mirroring the sharpness and clarity one might associate with professional makeup artistry.