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Olay is a prominent skincare brand. Graham Wulff, an ex-Unilever chemist, created it. He developed the formula in South Africa. Originally, it aimed to moisturize women’s skin without leaving an oily residue. The brand first hit the market with a unique pink fluid named “Oil of Olay.”

Meaning and history

Olay Logo history

Olay began as a creation by chemist Graham Wulff in the early 1950s. His vision: a moisturizer leaving no greasy trace. It first emerged in South Africa. Its initial product, a pink fluid, offered women a new skincare experience. The name “Oil of Olay” hinted at its key ingredient. The brand flourished, diversifying with products for every skin type. It evolved, becoming just “Olay” in the mid-80s, signaling a broader scope. Innovations like the anti-aging Regenerist line propelled Olay into the 21st century. It stands as a titan in skincare, merging beauty with science. Olay’s journey is one of constant reinvention, always focusing on the consumer’s evolving desires.

What is Olay?
Olay is a skincare brand renowned for its broad range of products aimed at improving skin appearance. It caters to various skin needs, including hydration, anti-aging, and sun protection. The brand combines scientific research with a keen understanding of consumer skincare needs to develop its products.

1952 – 1999

Oil of Olay Logo 1952

The logo features a hexagon framing a woman’s stylized visage, encapsulated within an oval. Olive hues mingle with black, creating a striking contrast. “OIL of OLAY” is boldly emblazoned beneath in a clean, sans-serif font. The overall design blends simplicity with a classical elegance, evoking a sense of timeless beauty and care.

1999 – 2000

Olay Logo 1999

The updated logo retains the archetypal femininity in its central figure, now surrounded by a bolder, streamlined circle. The name “OLAY” commands the foreground with pronounced, block-like lettering. Below, “BEAUTY CLEANSER” appears, defining the product’s purpose. Black and white coloration imparts a modern, classic vibe. This design reflects a transition from elegance to assertive modernity, focusing on the product’s cosmetic efficacy.

2000 – 2006

Olay Logo 2000

The new logo showcases a softer, more refined feminine icon set in a golden-hued shield. “OLAY” is presented with greater prominence in sleek, black typography. A subtle golden swoosh underscores the brand, suggesting luxury and grace. This evolution conveys a cleaner, more modern aesthetic, emphasizing sophistication and quality in skincare.

2006 – 2010

Olay Logo 2006

This iteration of the logo sees the feminine icon rendered in a minimalistic, abstract form, now adjacent to “OLAY”. The typeface is robust, with a friendly appeal. A golden sweep gently arcs below, suggesting movement and elegance. The design conveys approachability and contemporary style, focusing on a clean, fresh image for the brand.

2010 – 2017

Olay Logo 2010

The logo has been distilled to its essence, showcasing only the “OLAY” text in stark black. The typeface is fluid, yet bold, leaning into a more modern and minimalist aesthetic. All ornamental elements are stripped away, leaving a focus on the brand name itself, which now stands confidently alone. This design conveys a straightforward, unadorned approach to brand identity, suggesting clarity and focus in its offerings.

2017 – Today

Olay Logo

In the latest logo, the “OLAY” lettering stretches out, embracing a slender, elongated style. A solid line underscores the text, adding a grounding effect. The design exudes simplicity, with a sharper focus on linearity and balance. It is a nod towards minimalist design, where less is more, and elegance is key. The new logo reflects a contemporary trend of sleekness in branding.