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Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed and released by Blizzard, also the creators of Warcraft and Starcraft. Overwatch is a bit different, however – you’re set in a match as a member of one of the teams. You are there to complete an objective, and the other team will try to stop you. That’s about the whole premise.

Meaning and History

The game was developed in 2016 by Blizzard. It takes place in the future Earth, soon after the bloody AI rebellion that saw millions dead. The group called ‘Overwatch’ is tasked with keeping order throughout the shook planet. Lore-wise, they mostly fight terrorists, but in game both teams can comprise one any in-game characters.

2016 – today (symbol)

Overwatch Logo

There are two parts to the official logo: the symbol and the inscription.

The symbol is supposed to be many things. It is a dark-grey ring with an upper fourth of it repainted orange and separated from the main emblem. There are two fang-like growths that point up and inward.

This last thing is supposed to resemble a scope, but the way the ring is organized, this entire image also resembles both the letters ‘O’ and ‘W’ – the first letters in both parts of the name.

2016 – today (text)

Overwatch Logo

The text has the same gamma and stile as the emblem. This time, however, you can see that they went for futurism and robotic aesthetic. The letters are blocky, but also fluid. There are few acute angles, they are all squares and flattened.

In addition to the grey part, there are two orange triangles that point up (over the letter ‘V’) and down (below the letter ‘A’).

Emblem and Symbol

Overwatch Emblem

Very often, the symbol is used separately from the text. For instance, the desktop icon for the game is only the symbol. Commonly, they are used together, but the composition can vary. The text can be below, to the left or to the right of the main emblem.