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Rogers Communications Inc. stands as a significant Canadian entity. Edward Rogers founded it, bringing innovation to Toronto. Initially, it aimed to revolutionize telecommunications. The brand ventured into cable television, Internet services, and wireless communications, marking a pivotal shift in how Canadians connect.

Meaning and history

Rogers Logo history

Rogers Communications, a Canadian titan, began with Edward Roger’s invention, pioneering radio technology. Ted Rogers Sr. laid the foundation. Ownership remained within the Rogers family, a constant through evolution. The company’s foray into cable in the 1960s marked its first major expansion. By acquiring rivals, it soon dominated the market. The 1980s saw Rogers enter the cellular arena, setting industry standards. Later, it ventured into Internet and publishing, diversifying its portfolio. The 21st century witnessed further growth, Rogers amplified its presence in sports, media, and broadcasting. Despite market challenges, the Rogers family upheld its legacy, steering the company with innovation at the helm. Rogers stands as a leader in communications, media, and technology, its name synonymous with Canadian telecom.

What is Rogers?
Rogers is a powerhouse in Canada’s telecommunications and media. It delivers mobile and broadband services, alongside media content. The company shapes how Canadians stay connected and informed.

1965 – 1967

Rogers Broadcasting Logo 1965

The logo presents a modernistic design, focusing on geometric harmony. A bold black circle encompasses a stylized antenna symbol, composed of concentric rings. The antenna itself stands erect, asserting its presence with a linear precision. It cuts through the circles, implying broadcast signals radiating with purpose. The image evokes strength and clarity, symbolic of steadfast communication.

1967 – 1969

Rogers Cable TV Logo 1967

This iteration of the Rogers logo exhibits a distinct evolution in design. Here, “ROGERS” sits boldly atop, typified by sans-serif authority. Below, a black and white motif encapsulates a central eye, signaling focused vision. The icon, reminiscent of a television screen, conveys broadcast dynamism. “CABLE TV” anchors the composition, spelled out in stark, weighty letters, evoking the era’s technological stride. The logo encapsulates a vintage vibe, marrying simplicity with the promise of connection.

1969 – 1986

Rogers Cable TV Logo 1969

The logo takes a daring leap into abstraction. It retains the eye-like emblem at its core and is dominated by sharp hexagonal shapes. Black and white contrast sharply, creating a visual punch. This logo leans into a future-facing aesthetic, stripping away the past’s detail for bold, progressive simplicity. It’s a stark reimagining of brand identity, emphasizing direction and focus.

1979 – 1986

Rogers Cablesystems Logo 1979

In this logo, typography reclaims its place alongside the icon. “Rogers Cablesystems” is written in a bold, playful sans-serif font. The lettering conveys approachability and clarity. The iconic hexagon and arrow graphics from the previous version are retained, signifying progress and vision. They now flank the left side, balanced by the company name. This design merges graphic symbolism with textual readability, marrying the abstract with the explicit. It’s a nuanced blend, capturing the brand’s essence in both shape and name.

1986 – 1990

Rogers Cablesystems Logo 1986

Color enlivens the latest logo, infusing it with new energy. The eye-like icon and arrow now boast a vivid red, symbolizing dynamism and passion. “Rogers,” in a sleek, black serif font, exudes elegance and modernity. The design balances visual flair with professional sobriety. The red emphasizes key elements, guiding the viewer’s attention and reinforcing brand recognition. The evolution simplifies while maintaining the brand’s core visual elements, signaling an era of boldness and innovation.

1990 – 2000

Rogers Communications Logo 1990

The logo has been dramatically simplified and modernized. Red dominates, with the name “ROGERS” in bold, capital letters. A spherical motif with streaming curves replaces previous geometric shapes, suggesting global reach and fluid communication. The design speaks to a contemporary, connected world, with the streaming lines symbolizing speed and movement. It’s a complete departure from earlier complexity, opting for sleek minimalism that’s instantly recognizable. This logo marks a significant brand refresh, highlighting the essence of connectivity in a single glance.

2000 – 2007

Rogers Communications Logo 2000

The logo’s evolution continues with a new symbol: an intertwined, dynamic red ring. It suggests unity, continuity, and global reach. Beside it, “ROGERS” stands confidently in a sans-serif typeface, suggesting modernity and approachability. Red, the color of energy and passion, remains central, unifying the brand’s visual identity. The design is cleaner, even more, stripped down than before, signaling a contemporary brand moving with the times. It’s a sleek, modern emblem of connectivity and innovation.

2007 – 2015

Rogers Communications Logo 2007

The emblem evolves, now more fluid and interconnected. It suggests a dynamic globe, wrapped in communication’s embrace. “ROGERS” appears bolder, its letters fuller, enhancing visibility. This red, vibrant with energy and warmth, is consistent yet refreshed, capturing the brand’s forward-thinking spirit. The logo’s curves reflect a world more interconnected than ever, and the typography underscores a strong, confident presence in the digital era. It’s a harmonious blend of movement and stability, symbolizing a brand in motion.

2015 – Today

Rogers Communications Logo

The emblem’s design further streamlines, embracing a cleaner, more contemporary aesthetic. The circular motif is now sleeker, forming a perfect loop, symbolizing infinity and continuity. “ROGERS” retains its bold, sans-serif font, but now with increased spacing, adding to the logo’s clarity and modern feel. The red color remains vivid, representing the brand’s vitality. This logo iteration strips away complexity, focusing on the fluidity of the symbol and the strength of the name, reflecting a brand that’s both timeless and adaptive.